Jewelry box cleanout: purchase myjewelry

I have actually pertained to the choice that I really have excessive jewelry I understand that does not seem like a thing, however I simply can’t use all of it. These treasures should have brand-new houses where they will be delighted in.

To quote Elizabeth Taylor, we are just short-term custodians ofbeauty I have actually had my time with these specific treasures and I’m all set to pass them along to their next keepers. It would offer me the best excitement to understand that jewelry that utilized to be in my jewelry box is now in yours.

Beautiful antique and vintage rings for sale from my personal jewelry collection. Victorian, vintage and Art Deco.

Jewelry box cleanout: purchase my jewelry!

Over the past 10 years or two, I have actually thoroughly sourced these pieces from jewelry shops, antique programs, dealerships I have actually dealt with, good friends onInstagram They have actually pertained to me from various cities, states, and nations.

They’re all pieces that I enjoy and think in (otherwise I would not have actually purchased them!) however I have actually chosen it’s time to set them totally free! 30+ pieces from my individual collection are now offered solely from Stay Gold

Vintage and antique jewelry from my personal collection that is now for sale at Stay Gold.

StayGold is an awesome brand-new online jewelry shop from my dear pal and jewelry genius LizKantner StayGold‘s focus is distinct, perfectly crafted handmade jewelry; it uses both brand-new and classic pieces and I am so ecstatic that my collection gets to belong of its launch.

As you understand, credibility is constantly a crucial factor to consider when you’re purchasing antique or vintage jewelry. I sent out all of these charms off to my extremely certified palNicholle Mogavero(alias JewelryNerd) for assessment. If you purchase any of these pieces, you can be positive that they have actually been examined by a knowledgeable Graduate Gemologist.

The pieces I’m offering variety from fine jewelry to outfit, with rates beginning under $100 and increasing to simply over $1,000

Let’s have a look!

A lovely, lacy, delicate bracelet from the Art Deco era.

Kicking things off with among the more cost effective charms in the lot!

This entirely romantic bracelet is a beautiful example of Art Deco period outfitjewelry Between the pink stone which gold filigree, whimsical as a garden gate, there’s a lot to enjoy here

(Link to above bracelet)

Two antique turquoise rings from my personal jewelry collection, now for sale. One with diamonds, one with opals.
I have a weak point for antique blue-green, particularly when a piece includes antique blue-green that has actually aged in such a way that uses a range of colors, like in these 2 pieces.

Turquoise was a popular stone in the Victorian period and for great factor. The left is rosy gold, the right is platinum over yellow gold. Both of these rings are Victorian period, circa1880 They look so great together, do not they? I have actually matched these 2 in a ring stack sometimes.

(Find them here and here.)

I love the beautiful details on this Art Deco era camphor glass and white gold filigree bracelet.

If you have actually followed Diamonds in the Library for a while, you currently understand I enjoy camphor glass This clear, dreamily wintry product was popular in the Art Deco period and is normally coupled with fragile openwork information. It appears like lace and mist and dreams.

This is the only camphor glass bracelet I have actually ever purchased. I’m very little of a bracelet user, however I simply might not withstand this piece. It’s definitely perfect and the information are spectacular! I have actually liked seeing it in my jewelry box however in some way it never ever winds up on my wrist. Are you the best individual to offer it a brand-new house?

(Find this bracelet here)

I love the filigree details on this beautiful vintage ring! Art Deco era, with green glass. For sale at Stay Gold.
Oh hi, youbeauty I still have a fantastic weak point for this ring: I enjoy its vibrant green color and the detailed special of the setting’s information.

Like the gold and pink stone bracelet above, this ring is another remarkable example of Art Deco period outfitjewelry The verdant stone is glass, which implies this child is extremely cost effective (well under $100).

(Find this ring here)

Edwardian era lavalier necklace in yellow gold with an old mine cut diamond. From my personal jewelry collection, now for sale.

A charming lavalier!

This quite piece is Edwardian period, circa1910 It’s yellow gold with a quite twinkling old mine cut diamond in a buttercup design setting. This is among those antique pieces that would equate perfectly into any contemporary closet. It’s small, distinct, and entirely romantic.

(Find this locket here)

A beautiful antique ring with diamonds and a sapphire doublet.Isn’ t the appearance of this ring magnificent? It’s so fragile however has such an effective effect on the finger.

Funny story about this ring. I purchased it from a random eBay seller without any jewelry experience who published just fuzzy, dark pictures. It got here in a shipping envelope that was completely open at one end It was pure luck that the ring didn’t fall out in transit.

I would not resell something from a dubious source without checking out it so I had Nicholle(aka JewelryNerd) have a look, and she validated that while the ring is a real antique with genuine gold and diamonds, the sapphire is a doublet.

“Doublet” implies that this sapphire isn’t really all sapphire: it’s a thin piece of genuine sapphire connected to a bigger piece of artificial sapphire. You can’t distinguish the leading or when using it, however Nicholle found it right now under her loupe. That implies that whoever purchased this ring prior to me got swindled and I did too, however whoever purchases it from me now is going to get a fantastic cost.

(Find this ring here)

My beautiful Victorian era Niello watch chain.

Have you became aware of niello? Niello is a striking ornamental strategy that is rather comparable to enamel ( find out more about it here). Good niello chains are getting progressively difficult to discover and I have a specific weak point for them … however I had 2 almost similar chains of this length so I chose to let one go.

This specific chain is around 16 inches, from the late Victorian or early 20 th century and includes a big, beautiful, practical spring ring and perfectly detailed information. Perfect for beauties!

(Find this chain here)

An antique silver shield fob.And speaking of this beauties … how charming is this silver guard fob? It has a cool etching on the back with the date 1905 and something aboutPolo You might have the front inscribed too or leave it blank as is.

It looks wonderful with anything however I can inform you that it looks especially great with the niello chain above. There’s another guard fob in the sale too, however it’s a little bit more compact with this one and less fancy.

(Find this fib here and a comparable fob here)

Art Deco era ring with synthetic sapphires and a diamond. Circa 1920's. From my personal jewelry collection, now for sale.
This ring is renowned Art Deco excellence, circa 1920’s.

Delicate lacy openwork with 2 quite blue artificial sapphires and one little gleaming diamond. It has a great low profile– that implies it sits short on the finger– and I can inform you from experience that it chooses definitely whatever.

(Find this ring here)

A beautiful vintage amethyst ring from the 1930's. Art Deco era and utterly lovely.

Oh hi, youbeauty Man, selling jewelry is difficult. Every time I attempt to explain these pieces to you, I advise myself why I purchased them in the very first location.

This charmer is Art Deco too, a romantic 1930’s style. 14 K yellow gold with lovely flower detailing and a luscious amethyst. I enjoy the contrast in this ring in between the curving botanical information and the extremely square gems.

(Find this ring here)

A beautiful necklace from the Art Deco era. From my personal jewelry collection, now for sale.
It’s difficult to beat a timeless solitaire in any type!

What’s terrific about this vintage beauty is that it’s outfit jewelry, so it’s under $50 An excellent discover that I took pleasure in using sometimes.

(Find this locket here)

An antique Victorian era elephant hair and gold ring. From my personal jewelry collection, now for sale.

We have actually a really unique ring right here. It’s captivating right now; the vibrant black and gold color pattern, the interesting texture.

But it’s more than simply a quite face. This Victorian period piece includes elephant hair intertwined with gold– yes, like from an elephant. It was thought to be best of luck, and its exoticness would have attracted the adventure-hungry Victorians.

Victorian era earrings with anchor details, Taille d’Eparnge enamel, and pearls. Circa 1870.

How about another treasure from the Victorian period? I believe the carefully lengthened shape of these earrings is so classy.

These charming earrings are 14 K yellow gold withTaille d’Eparnge enamel and pearls, circa1870 I particularly enjoy the little anchors on the surmounts. Anchors a typically a sign of hope.

(Find these earrings here)

Three antique gold rings.

(Find the above rings here, here, and here)

I believe that suffices in the meantime! I’m so ecstatic to share many of my individual collection pieces with you. Don’ t forget to head over to Stay Gol d to see the rest of my collection and Liz’s other perfectly curated choices.

If you’re caring something here and you can’t discover it at Stay Gold, let me understand and I’ll assist you discover the listing! Will you be the next caretaker of my treasures ?? I can’t wait to discover.

Product pictures by LizKantner for Stay Gold