I am extremely excited to watch the new documentary, “Sevan the Craftsman: Breathing Istanbul into Jewels”, that tells the story of Sevan Bicakci a master jeweller whose skill of transforming precious metals and gems into majestic works of art has enthralled the world. I discovered this Turkish jeweller rings living in Austria in 2008 and was  lucky to photograph his new breathtaking creations at the COUTURE Fine Jewellery trade show in Las Vegas.

Produced and directed by Ümran Safter, the documentary charts the progress of Bicakci from his apprenticeship at the age of 12 in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to stardom as renowned artisan 33 years later.

Bicakci ’s sources of inspiration for his show-stopping creations are closely related to Istanbul: The Bosphorus, seagulls, the Maiden’s Tower, mosques and churches. He incorporates these scenes into the rings he created.

In this feature documentary film, nearly 40 people including Bicakci’s family, close friends, his masters in the Grand Bazaar, designers, collectors and academics speak about Bicakci’s art.

Watch the preview for the film below.


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