January’s Birthstone and the Beauty of the Red Gemstone

Garnet is the birthstone for January

Anyone commemorating a birthday at the start of each year take advantage of Garnet for their birthstone.

Associated with a dark red colour, gem Garnets been available in various colors and in a range of colours.

Rich in colour, transparent and low-cost, garnet makes a budget friendly option when it pertains to jewellery for a January birthday or anniversary.

Most sources of Garnet stem from a sedimentary rock with high aluminium material– such as shale. To describe, the rock ends up being metamorphosed under excellent heat and pressure, Garnet types.

Shapes, colours and sizes

Garnet can be found in various colours. For example, green, red, yellow and orange. In addition, these birthstone gems happen in lots of sizes and shapes.

Our example listed below originates from our limited-edition gems readily available from our Ryde display room or from our online store.

Garnet in Gemstone Box

Loose red Garnet in gems screen box

Alternative to Ruby

Garnet makes an exceptional option to Ruby In specific, when you think about the expense distinction. Similarly, most jewellers deal with gem-quality Garnet within their gems birthstone choices.

Is it hardwearing?

Garnet is relatively hardwearing, determining 6.5– 7.5 on MohsScale Therefore, it makes a popular option for birthstone rings in addition to lots of other kinds of jewellery. In truth, jewellers favour this gems which debuts in the month ofJanuary Furthermore, it makes a best intro for the Valentine’s Day season.

Many sources recommend that Garnet is delicate to heat. Therefore, we suggest care throughout jewellery making where heats are utilized.

Forms of Garnet

This gems differs substantially in its chemical structure and crystal structure. In truth, lots of ranges exist as described listed below.

Hydrogrossular: Bluish- green Garnet with far less openness.

PyropeSpessartine: Chrome pyrope Garnet makes the best option to Ruby, treasured for its crimson tones. Spessartine: Orange range, many treasured in the Mandarin orange colour.

Uvarovite: Rare, dark, abundant green typically in little sizes and compared by lots of to Emerald.

AlmandineGarnet: Most typical gems in the Garnet household– readily available in lots of colours. The mix of almandine-pyrope types the deep red range many people connect with this popular gems.

Andradite: One of the rarest ranges ofGarnet Some recommend this kind of gems has a lot more fire than diamond. Green demantoid is extremely valued among collectors.

Grossular: Available in lots of colours. This type fits jewellery with intense and vibrant colours with the exception of blue.

TheSpessartite-Grossular-Pyrope color-change Garnet can reveal a modification of colour from light blue-green to purple depending upon the fluorescent source of light. In addition, daytime lead to the colour revealing as a light red to purple-red.

Gemmologists and gems dealerships even more categorise lots of ranges into sub-divisions depending upon their colour. For example, demantoid is a vibrant green range of andradite that’s extremely longed for by collectors.

Tsavorite and Hessonite are kinds of grossular. Tsavorites are green, however Hessonite differs in between orange and orangish-red to brown-red. Rhodolite is a purple red variation of the gems.

JanuaryBirthstone Engagement Ring

Garnet can make a perfect gems for an engagement ring. In specific, when favoured to Ruby as a less-expensive option. Furthermore, it contrasts extremely well when utilized as a centre-stone with April’s birthstone– diamond

Bespoke diamond halo and garnet engagement ring

Most of our ring styles can be set with this extreme birthstone rather of a diamond. In addition, this gems includes complete contrast when set along with fantastic white diamonds. As showed here in our Sienna engagement ring.

GarnetNecklace Designs

The garnet and diamond halo pendant was presented into our display room ready-made collection. At the heart of the pendant, a 4.87- carat red garnet supplies extreme lively colour, surrounded by 1.08 carats of 100% ethical lab-grown diamonds.

The pendant has actually been crafted in 9-carat white gold and offered with an 18- inch trace chain suspended from the articulated loop.



Available from our ready-to-wear collection. The Nouveau pendant. Set with 2 teardrop garnet gems. Crafted in 9ct Yellow Gold, as an outcome making the best January birthstone present.

January birthstone necklace


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