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H ow Elvis and Jailhouse Rock rewrote fashion requirements for males. The renowned scene: Elvis in his shown up denims, striped tee shirt and jean coat. The embodiment of rockabilly design! Or is he?

Back in 1957 the fashion was for the preppy design. Sharp matches and ties: A dapper gent. Then along came Elvis Presley in his ‘Jailhouse Rock’ video and rewrote fashion requirements for males. Jeans with broad turn-ups coupled with jean coats showed to be a fashion staple for several years to come. The ‘hillbilly’ appearance was endemic among the DeepSouth Everyone used denim clothes, dungarees and saggy denims. But it wasn’t a popular design among the basic population. And then Elvis struck the screens and he revealed America what was popular in the south, and how it was available to the remainder of the nation, and in truth the world. Due to his success, he made ‘hillbilly chic’ totally business.

Even today, among the most popular brand names readily available is ‘Prison Blues.’ These are denim items made by prisoners of the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute: they follow the styles that you can see in Elvis’ initial video.

The punch line of “Made on the Inside, to be Worn on the Outside” states all of it. Rockabilly fans all over the world favour the dark indigo colour jean, with a large showed up hem. The design is both casual yet wise.

So, what makes this appearance so popular?

Well, when you compare a lot of the designs that are popular out there, they are a little high upkeep. Shirts, ties, hats and saggy trousers. Smart, yet not constantly useful or practical. With your ‘blues’ you can practically do anything. Work, dance, repair a cars and truck, repair work things– all without danger of destroying what you are using. However, they are a lot more than that.

PrisonBlues are useful and hard-wearing, yet wise casual too. Known among connoisseurs as ‘standards’ it was really typical to hear individuals speak about heading out and using their requirements, indicating their jeans ‘prison blue’ denims. The appearance, although useful and hard-wearing, provides numerous an identity. Wearing your requirements with a set of engineer or jackboots indicated you looked the part, that others would take a look at you and understand of the neighborhood to which you belonged. When using your requirements, you might relate to those using a comparable design. You belonged to the gang.

The denim appearance made super stars of the time a lot more alluring. They were the ‘rebels without a cause.’ Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, James Dean all had that brooding dark appearance, which drew ladies in. It appears that everybody liked a bad young boy, however looks are tricking. Whilst Elvis was shooting the series, the appearance was developed to get young hearts a throbbing. However making use of attempted and checked clothing, interested males who were fans of rock n roll!

From this, the Rockabilly design was born. Shirts and tee shirts coupled with their requirements, boots and chains hanging from their belt loops, provided both a clever yet hard appearance. By replicating the appearance that was seen on the silver screen, males had the ability to be both trendy yet aloof. The pattern has actually made it through and is now preferred among female rockabillies too. Sixty years later on you will see Rockabillies using the exact same ‘country hick fashions’ that were made popular by the prisoners of prisons in the DeepSouth They might not even understand where their fashion design originates from, as it is a loose, casual design that appears to claim numerous periods and looks. However if you look into back far enough, you will constantly return to ‘Jailhouse Rock.’

Elvis was the embodiment of design. His gown sense was impressive, his hair incredible and his dance moves unparalleled. He was the best marketing tool. Put a hessian sack on him, and the general public would have freaked for it! Put him in a tuxedo and they would swoon! Put him in a set of jail blues and a matching coat and the world would wish to copy him. And who can blame them? They carried out in their droves and still continue to today.

Words: Tanya Brannan

Photographer: Mandi Linder
Hair: Mandi Linder
Make up: Melanie Saso
Salon: Bombshell Beauty Boutique, Mendota IL