Inside Glossier’s New Flagship and ‘Experiential Boy Brow Room’

Inside Glossier's flagship. Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

InsideGlossier’s flagship. Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

Much like the brand name’s display room, which debuted in December of 2016, the flagship is completely equipped with Instagram- friendly visual appeals. The shop welcomes clients with a lively red staircase– a stairs to LashSlick and CloudPaint paradise– with an arrangement of anthuriums at the top. Around the corner, circular tables display each item.

The previously mentioned “Boy Brow Room” admires the brand name’s very popular eyebrow filler with huge tubes of the item artfully set up in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which is maybe an effort to produce as much selfie material as the old display room’s “you look good” mirror as soon as did. There are likewise bathroom-style sinks and towels for consumers to clean their faces or experiment with skin-care items. Brightly lit racks of plaster cast variations of Glossier items– strictly for design functions– sit atop the sink and givea nod to IntoThe Gloss‘s “Top Shelf” series.