How to Weigh a Diamond Using This Diamond Carat Chart

Can you inform the number of carats a diamond weighs? Perhaps you simply got engaged and are questioning ‘how big is my diamond?’ There is a visible distinction in between a 1/2 carat, 1-carat, and 2-carat diamond. However, understanding the precise weight of a diamond is almost difficult without a scale.

We’ll reveal you an efficient novice approach for how to determine carats on the fly. All you’ll require is a millimeter gauge and the chart listed below to get going.

WhyWe Need Diamond Weight Calculations

Usually, dealerships offer estate jewelry ‘as-is,’ which implies the stones remain in their initial settings. A scale is unreliable if the jewelry expert does not get rid of the gems. Getting a specific carat weight is challenging in this case.

With set diamonds, jewelry experts utilize a diamond mm to carat weight calculator to approximate a carat weight. If you simply require a fast price quote, a diamond carat chart works, too.

how to calculate the carat weight of a diamond

DiamondWeight Chart

First, determine the size in millimeters. This measurement will assist you figure out the approximate carat weight. Either input that measurement into a diamond weight calculator or utilize a diamond weight chart to match the size with carat weight.

The chart listed below recommendations the measurements of the diamond in millimeters and from there provides you an approximate carat weight. If it’s an expensive shaped diamond, you’ll require the length and width in millimeters to discover an approximated weight.

diamond carat chart

This chart uses to diamonds that are modern-day adjusted cuts. Also, when handling antique diamonds, it takes more proficiency to provide a precise price quote.

The girdle density, the height of the crown, and general depth of the diamond can substantially affect carat weight and this chart’s precision.

Also, keep in mind that every gems has a various size-to-carat ratio. The chart above will not be precise for other stones like amethyst or garnet.

We hope this fast and reliable novice approach will assist you approximate carat weight when looking for estatejewelry For more precise carat weight estimations, antiquarians will likewise utilize unique tools to get the height of the stone and think about numerous other elements.