How to Take the Perfect Ring Selfie

The ring selfie has actually progressed into more than simply a stunning image of your engagement ring capturing the best light on a gorgeous day. Ring selfies have actually ended up being a non-traditional engagement statement to remote relative, associates, and interested observers on social networks.

An engagement statement, whether official or casual, should have time and attention to information (simply believe: this image will rest on your Instagram feed, noticeable to all, till archived or erased with your profile). When building the best ring selfie, you must accept absolutely nothing except excellence.

You are well on your method to a picture-perfect ring selfie in simply 5 actions! If you discover yourself doing not have imagination selecting the background or great detailing of your engagement ring selfie, we provide you a few of our favorites for motivation.

ThePerfect Ring Selfie in 5 Steps

Step # 1: Manicure Those Nails

The finest compliment to any engagement ring design is a perfect manicure. Before you snap a ring selfie appropriate for your feed, treat yourself to a relaxing at-home manicure or an euphoric indulging at the beauty salon.

Whether you choose a long, almond shape or a brief, neat natural nail, a manicure provides that best ending up touch to your ring selfie. While you’re at it, whip out our preferred bottle of cold cream for an excellent soap prior to you snap your image. Make sure to eliminate your engagement ring prior to you use cream or cuticle oil to prevent dulling your diamond’s shimmer for the photo.

Step # 2: Choose a Backdrop

The next action to attain the best ring selfie is to pick an appropriate background.

Do you wish to catch the luster of your engagement ring versus the picturesque landscape of your proposition area? Would you rather stage a more official background with thoroughly curated props for your ring selfie? Or do you desire a more refined, engagement photo-style ring selfie including your future husband?

Whatever your choice, the chances are unlimited. This is a chance to show your character, catch an unique minute from your proposition, and naturally, flaunt that stunning brand-new rock on your engagement ring finger!

Step # 3: Play with Light Until You Get it Right

A ring selfie is a chance to expose the layered beauty of your brand-new rock. The finest ring selfies efficiently expose center stone shimmer, clearness, and the scintillating fire produced by the fragile aspects.

Natural light is the very best choice for each center stone. A pleasant, bright day will boost the look of your diamond’s aspects while an overcast day will diffuse the light magnificently to produce a clear, intense white look. If you live near the ocean, a lake, or a river, recording your ring selfie by a big body of water will boost diamond luster.

Avoid synthetic, dim, or yellow light while taking your selfie; this kind of light will dull your diamond’s shimmer or make it look less clear. In addition, the electronic camera flash can “blow out” your center stone making it appear dull, so prevent utilizing the flash on your electronic camera when possible.

Step # 4: Fine-Tune the Details

While impulse might lead you to completely extend and flatten your fingers to catch a best top-down view of your engagement ring, a natural, unwinded bend of your fingers will include measurement to your image. In addition, this natural bend will bring your engagement ring closer to the electronic camera making it appear bigger. Play with your hand placing to see what works best for you!

ProTip: if you have an emerald or Asscher cut engagement ring, prevent an ultra close-up view of the center stone table; these cuts expose additions and flaws more plainly than others.

Step # 5: Adjust the Focus

After you have actually manicured both your hand and perfect background, selected the best lighting, and comfy hand positioning, it is time to snap your photo.

ProTip: ensure to focus the frame on your engagement ring to prevent blurring your center stone.

RingSelfie Ideas

Whether you choose a staged ring selfie with all sorts of bells and whistles or an in-the-moment post-proposal shot, there are a lot of methods to catch the beauty of your engagement ring.

The information of your picture-perfect ring selfie are mostly based upon your individual choices and tastes. If you discover yourself in a ring selfie imaginative block, the copying might assist stimulate a bout of motivation or spark something suitable for your way of life.

Stage a Backdrop

Do you have a particular visual or a monochromatic Instagram feed to preserve? A staged ring selfie enables you to integrate little style information that expose your individual design and line up with your existing color combination while showcasing that spectacular bling you now endure your ring finger.

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UseYour Proposal Spot as the Background

Are the panoramas from your proposition area as awesome as your diamond engagement ring? Use that lovely landscape as the background for your ring selfie! This kind of selfie enables you to catch both the beauty of your engagement ring and the wonderful area where your partner proposed.

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ShoutOut to Your Fiance

While you desire your engagement ring to sit spotlight in your ring selfie, you can include a layer of love to your photo by including your future husband. A little hand-holding action can produce a magnificently romantic image that looks great in your Instagram feed and on a thoroughly curated gallery wall.

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Capture the Passion of the Moment

Take the enthusiasm as much as 100 with a dreamy ring selfie including you, your loved one, and your spectacular engagement ring. While this is technically not a ring selfie, you can see how the eye is drawn to the lovely engagement ring in the example above.

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Cheers to Love

What is much better than an engagement ring selfie and a margarita? Nothing, that was a rhetorical concern. Capture a natural engagement ring selfie while drinking a drink at your preferred supper area. While natural light is best to catch the luster of your center stone, the soft lighting of a dining establishment can make your diamond appear more romantic and womanly.

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ThePerfect Ring Selfie with the Perfect Engagement Ring

AtLauren B, we provide engagement rings in numerous designs, settings, and center stone alternatives. If you or your partner have a particular design in mind, you can deal with among our style specialists to produce the custom-made engagement ring of your dreams.

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