How to Measure a Diamond

How do you determine a diamond?

Diamonds are determined with an accuracy diamond instrument. We utilize a Presidium dial gauge for this function. This allows us to determine the size and depth of loose diamonds. In information, both measurements are taken in millimetres. (mm).

Don’ t puzzle diamond carat weight with measurement

Don’ t puzzle the size of a diamond with the weight of the diamond. Although both relate, they are various. Size is identified by determining the physical size of the stone. Conversely, diamond weight is determined in Carats utilizing a set of scales.

Handy features of the Presidium gauge for taking all kinds of diamond measurements.

ThePresidium gauge offers precise readings for the size and depth of your diamond. The size offers details to assist pick the proper size of setting for your diamond. If you own your own diamond, we need this details to make a ring install.

ThePresidium diamond gauge

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Diamond measurement Presidium gauge

The finest instrument for determining your diamond is the Presidium gauge. We recommend utilizing the dial variation. Other variations exist. For example, some assesses utilize a digital screen rather of a diamond.

This diamond measurement instrument offers a precise reading of the millimetre size of your diamond

Using the diamond measurement gauge

How to discover the diamond size without utilizing a gauge

It is difficult to discover a precise diamond size without an instrument. Provided you have a diamond size chart, it is possible to approximate the size. Diamond charts (see listed below) include the majority of diamond shapes with their carat weight and approximate sizes.

View the chart online

Diamond Size Chart - Millimetre Sizes for Diamonds

Finding the size of a diamond from a diamond certificate

Some diamonds are laboratory licensed. As an outcome, they consist of a report. To discuss, this report consists of crucial details. For example, the size, diamond colour and clearness. Diamond size appears on the report as revealed listed below. Look under ‘measurements’ for the size. Here we see the following measurements.

Measurements … … … 4.97– 4.98 x 3.01 mm

But why exist 3 various measurements? To clarify, round diamonds differ fractionally in size. Depending on where you determine the width, the majority of diamonds differ fractionally. As an outcome, the tiniest and biggest diamond reading appears. In addition, we discover a record of the depth.

Replacement GIA certificate

How to determine little diamonds

Small diamonds been available in routine millimetre sizes We procedure little diamonds to guarantee consistency. Some products of jewellery function numerous little diamonds. For example, cluster rings. As an outcome, we sieve and determine small diamonds. In addition to colour and clearness, we match diamonds in size. Interestingly, we purchase diamonds in combined sizes. Our group sorts diamonds utilizing diamond screens. Metal plates different specific sizes.

Diamonds for eternity rings are simply one example of precisely determined diamonds.

Diamond sizes for an eternity ring

What is the tiniest size for a diamond?

In basic, the tiniest diamond size is 1mm in size. Diamonds are single-cut or totally cut in this size and get here in parcels differing in amount.

How to determine a diamond. A guide to determining the size of your diamond

We assist numerous customers and jewellers with diamond measurements. Our understanding and know-how followed years of dealing with diamonds. As an outcome, we have responses for the majority of diamond measurement concerns. For example, how big particular shapes are. In truth, the majority of expensive diamond shapes trigger confusion. Many function less routine measurements. For example, a Marquise can be brief and fat. By contrast, some are long and slim by contrast.

Why determine a diamond?

There are various factors for learning the measurement of a diamond. Firstly, it offers us details on what setting size to make.

We supply ended up ring installs for customers with existing diamonds. Therefore, we require the complete measurements of the diamond to make the setting. For example, a diamond weighing 0.50 cts. We would anticipate this diamond to determine 5mm in size. Interestingly, size is the most crucial measurement for a round dazzling cut diamond. Most ring creates been available in a series of setting sizes. Each size holds a various diamond size. In this circumstances, we would produce a 5mm setting for the diamond.

Big diamond in measuring gauge

Estimating carat weight by determining a diamond

Sometimes we require to take the measurement of a diamond to approximate carat weight. When we produce a jewellery assessment, we can not constantly weigh the diamond. By taking measurements, we can approximate the diamond’s weight. Furthermore, we deal with numerous solutions to compute the weight.

Which measurements to keep in mind for your diamond

There are 3 x measurements to think about for the majority of diamonds. We take the size for round diamonds. For lengthened diamonds, we take length x width measurements. Finally, we take a recording of the depth.

The depth will be crucial in some circumstances. For example, thick diamonds can be unfathomable for a setting. Measuring the depth assists to examine this.

Formulae for determining diamond carat weight need a depth measurement. (see the primary picture for determining the depth on the gauge.)

RoundBrilliant Cut DiamondsDiameter– Diameter (this is the subtle distinction from tiniest to biggest reading) x depth from table to the culet.

PrincessCut DiamondsLength x Width (most princess cuts are not completely square, however if the diamond is, length and width will be equivalent x depth from table to culet.)

EmeraldCut/ Baguette Cut Diamonds — Length x width x depth

TrilliantCut DiamondsTypically determined indicate point x depth.


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