How to layer lockets: #neckmess legends.

I have a confession for you, my beloveds: I am bad at understanding how to layering lockets.

I like the method a great #neckmess looks, however I’m excessive of a nervous perfectionist to be naturally proficient at tossing on a great deal of lockets together. I fret about the colors clashing, the pendant lengths being unevenly dispersed, the chains tangling, the appeals jangling versus each other. BUT I like the search other individuals, so I’m attempting to get more comfy with innovative pendant layering.

I might be a worried Nellie when it pertains to significant pendant layering, however Instagram has lots of jewelry fans who are bolder than me when it pertains to daring clavicle accessory. Let’s have a look at some inspiring #neckmess pictures from those who have actually really mastered this maximalist layering appearance!

How to layer lockets: #neckmess legends.

It’s typically difficult to trace the origin of an Instagram hashtag once it ends up being popular, however that’s not the case with #neckmess.

JessicaKagan Cushman created the term to explain her own distinct pendant layering design and it rapidly removed in the IG jewelry neighborhood as increasingly more jewelry fans discovered it to be the best method of explaining the stunning turmoil of big league pendant implementation– really an innovator of how to use to use lockets.

Isn’ t this appearance great? I like the idea of using an entire themed collection together.

This charming appearance from Luck and Lockets feels practically too sophisticated to count as a #neckmess, however this numerous gold chains entirely is too excellent to disregard! She’s curtained in rivers of gold and I’m alllllllll about it.

Luck and Lockets is such a professional at how to layer lockets that she’s developed and now offers her own pendant layering gadget, the stunning Lucky 8 clasp

I just found Girl.With A.DiamondEarring’s Instagram just recently however I’m liking the cheerful turmoil of her vibrant #neckmess styling.

This type of appearance is so much enjoyable! I like the strong color style, the moving bits and pieces, and the truth that there’s such a vast array of designs and textures integrated entirely.

A magnificent and rather creepy spider-heavy #neckmess from Instagram jewelry fan PinkPirahnah!

I’m fortunate sufficient to understand this specific specialist pendant layer-er in reality therefore I can validate that yes, she is truly as cool as she appears. She has such a propensity for putting lockets and appeals together in motivating and unanticipated methods.

ThisInstagram jewelry fan, Classic _Jewelry _ Hoarder, has an unbelievable individual collection mainly comprised of classic outfit jewelry that I yearn for.

She has a propensity for layering declaration pieces that appear like they ‘d require to be used alone and making them interact in the most incredible methods.

When I envision how to use lockets, my impulse is typically to keep whatever downplayed so absolutely nothing defend attention. This #neckmess makes me wish to alter my methods.

Roseark is a shop instead of a person Instagrammer, however their editorial shots provide such regularly stunning layering that I needed to include them here. If you wish to know how to layer lockets with stylish luxury, research studyRoseark


Just take a look at this dreamy, celestial #neckmess. Roseark’s styling is constantly totally on point and typically unexpected in the very best method.

TheEden Collective has a propensity for brief, sweet pendant layers stressed with stunning vintage appeals and intense beads. This is a best example.

A more controlled #neckmess than a number of these, however such a beautiful one, with its warm, hot color design. I like the varying textures of the pieces included, too.

DelphineLeymarie is a modern jewelry designer who makes stunning, charming pieces that are entirely best for layering. I think that every piece in this #neckmess is her own work.

Don’ t they work incredibly well together? So numerous thoughtful, subtle information producing marvelous consistency.

Morgan belongs to the jewelry market with unbelievable individual design. I understand that a few of the neck messes here have actually been assembled particularly for the ‘gram (which is fine! They still count) but Morgan definitely rocks her expert level neck messes in real life as well as for pics. She’ s a master of the casual insouciance of tossing on a stack of thoroughly selected beautiful pieces in such a way that feels bewitchingly casual and extremely individual.

For example: take a look at this tangle of gems and see the number of uncommon, distinct, beautifully made specific pieces hide here. The more thoroughly you look, the more amazing information expose themselves.

Most of my preferred neck messes consist of brilliant color of some kind (since I like color) however I needed to include this spectacular white appearance from WinterlemonJewelry


The layered textures keep this tone on tone curation amazing and attractive although the colors are all what I consider neutral. A terrific appearance! I just found this account just recently however I’m liking her style for how to design lockets.

This is among the very best jewelry styling accounts around, IMHO. The terrific Jasmyn Tea has a propensity for jewelry layering that couple of others can match. I have actually followed her for many years and her appearances still surprise and thrill me regularly.

Just take a look at the colors, textures, and usage of unfavorable area here. This is no typical #neckmess.

HenryDominique Jewelry was among the very first accounts that I ever saw post this sort of layered pendant styling, back prior to “neck mess” was even a term.

She has such a propensity for integrating diverse components into an enticing whole. Fully motivating.

Ooh Isn’ t this one so incredibly tranquil? All that luscious green and white and gold, with simply a smattering of shimmer included. It’s jumbled and disorderly and yet it works completely.

Great work, LeLa Gems.

Let’s end things with another incredible appearance from #neckmess OG Jessica Kagan Cushman! The colors in this appearance are simply spectacular, and there’s something so wonderful about styling really major antique jewelry in this whimsical method.

What do you consider the #neckmess pattern, my beloveds? Do you understand how to layer lockets like this, or do you still require more practice (like I do!)?

How to layer necklaces; #neckmess legends.

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