How to Cut Bangs at Home Easily

how to cut bangs

Image: Imaxtree

Since the majority of us can’t head to the hair salon today to get a hairstyle and even a fast trim, we’re needing to end up being a little resourceful a la < a href =-LRB- ************************************) onclick="javascript: _ gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','']);" target =-LRB- **********************************) rel =-LRB- ***********************************) >(******************************************************************************************************** )Hadid.Cutting your bangs need to be delegated the pros, however because we’re all living this brand-new regular, an at-home trim is completely appropriate, absolutely manageable and remarkably easy– as long as you have the right tools and understand how to do it effectively.

The very first guideline of a Do It Yourself bang trim is do not utilize the scissors you keep in your scrap drawer. ButterflyStudio Salon stylist VanessaFernandez recommends searching for an economical set of shears you can utilize in the house. “Regular scissors are too dull and will cause hair to become damaged or split.” You’ll likewise require a ponytail holder or some clips and a comb that has broad to great teeth to assist assist you as you cut. Once you have actually got what you require, just follow the actions listed below on how to cut bangs in the house. And trust us, it’s method simpler than it sounds.

  1. Make sure hair is absolutely dry and styled as you typically would to prevent any errors that can accompany damp hair. “If you try cutting when hair is wet, you may end up cutting too much or too short since hair is longer when wet and shorter when it’s dry,” states Fernandez.
  2. Separate bangs from the rest of your hair and collect your hair into a bun so that it does not obstruct or unintentionally snipped.
  3. Comb bang location forward or to the side, depending upon the method you generally use them. “Be careful with your elevation — if you bring the bangs out, you will graduate the bangs resulting in a layered look. If you bring bangs down closer to the forehead, making them flat, the look will be more blunt,” recommends Fernandez.
  4. Use your index and middle fingers to different subsections within the bang location and pull the areas down one by one as you start to gradually snip little lengths of hair, keeping the shears at an angle.

Depending on the outcomes you desire– directly, blunt bangs or much shorter/ longer ones– take note of the method you hold down hair. Fernandez notes: “If you want a blunt look, go straight across, starting from the middle outward (on each side). If you want a more piecey look, hold scissors more vertically and cut using sharper movements going across from one side to the other, but keeping movements up and down so that the pointy part of the scissors is always pointing up.”

Now that’s quite easy, no?