How to Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Your partner proposed, and now you discover yourself looking directly into the face of a spectacular Lauren B diamond engagement ring. Now, how do you keep your diamond tidy and looked after?

Diamond engagement rings need a little TLC and cautious attention, as does any valuable belongings. Caring for your engagement ring needs factor to consider, though it is not tiresome by any methods. In this blog site, we will show you our pointers for looking after your engagement ring, a detailed guide for cleaning your ring, and suggestions for appropriate ring security.

If you ‘d rather enjoy a fast video on appropriate ring care, enjoy our RingCare & & Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know video!

How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

Gemstones are strong and resilient. Diamonds, in specific, are the hardest mineral understood to guy. While we appreciate gems for their outstanding quality, they are not unbreakable.

Ensuring your engagement ring has the appropriate fit, understanding how to effectively eliminate your engagement ring, understanding when not to use your engagement ring, and choosing suitable jewelry will guarantee your engagement ring stays as beautiful as the day your partner proposed.


Ring fit is a basic element of ring care; your engagement ring need to move over your knuckles with ease and fit comfortably around the base of your finger. While the ring should not be difficult to remove, it needs to be reasonably tough to get rid of without a little effort.

If your engagement ring is too big it might either fall off your finger from unexpected motion or trigger the band to warp to the shape of your finger, which might harm the settings and jeopardize the stability of the center stone.

If you experience any of the following, you might think about getting your ring resized:

  • Does your ring spin or turn on your finger?
  • Does your ring leave an indent on your finger when you eliminate it?
  • Do you feel pressure on your finger or see the skin being squeezed?

Keep in mind, not all fingers are the exact same, and even if the ring is hard to slip over the knuckle, does not always suggest the ring does not fit! If you’re uncertain how to inform if your engagement ring is the appropriate fit, book a visit with a Lauren B style expert or call our Customer Service line.

1.40 carat Antique Cushion Diamond Three-StoneRing

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How to Properly Remove Your Ring

There is just one safe method to eliminate your engagement ring from your ring finger: pull carefully from the sides of the band and wiggle up until the ring slips previous your knuckle. If you are attempting you eliminate your ring and it feels stuck, keep in mind to remain calm – it will come off! If your finger is inflamed for any factor and you are having a tough time eliminating your ring, keep in mind not to tug on the ring however carefully wiggle the ring. If the ring is still not coming off, attempt running your hand under cold water or using ice to assist the swelling to decrease. IDEA: when wiggling the ring off the finger, attempt rising from the bottom to develop a space in between the top of the finger and the base of the setting.

DO NOT eliminate your engagement ring from the center stone; this is a guaranteed method to both unclean your diamond and location unneeded tension on the center stone setting.

When NOT to Wear Your Ring

While we comprehend you wish to display your sensational engagement ring as much as possible, there are specific events throughout which using your ring might harm the center stone or band. These events consist of:

  • ExercisingWhether lifting weights or striking an individual finest at spin class, using your engagement ring while working out might unclean your ring or damage the setting.
  • HouseChores. This consists of cleansing, moving furnishings, arranging, or anything that needs continuous contact with a surface area.
  • While sleeping. The prongs that protect your stunning center stone might quickly get captured on a thread from your bed linen. Loose prongs might threaten the security of your center stone.
  • Washing your hands. While cleaning your hands appears like an innocent activity, extreme soaps and some faucet water can unclean your diamond. If possible (and safe to do so), eliminate your engagement ring prior to cleaning your hands.
  • Showering Showering can likewise unclean your engagement ring center stone and pave diamonds.

WhenPairing Jewelry …

We advise that you bear in mind the jewelry you couple with your engagement ring, particularly wedding event bands or outfit jewelry that is endured the middle finger. Wedding bands with bigger stones or prong settings can rub versus your engagement ring, which can trigger damage to both rings.

Our style specialists will go over safe wedding event band pairings with you to guarantee your engagement ring and wedding event band stay undamaged.

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How to Clean Your Ring

4.60Carat Round Diamond Six-ProngEngagement Ring

Diamonds are dazzling, scintillating, and downright enchanting. Diamonds draw light from the top of the stone, pass the light through the gems’s lots of elements, and show that light back to the audience.

When a diamond develops a layer of gunk on its surface area, the stone’s shimmer starts to dull, hindering the natural reflective procedure. An unclean diamond might appear cloudy or establish a brownish tint. While occasionally cleaning your diamond will not damage the stone, an unclean diamond might be underwhelming in look.

Diamonds are naturally sticky. This gems will draw in dirt, gunk, dust, and finger prints relatively rapidly. Hand cleaning, an unintended unpleasant makeup application, or sudsy showers can hinder the beauty of your diamond.

Regularly cleansing your diamond engagement ring will guarantee your gemstone stays in great shape both visually and functionally.

Do NOT …

TheInternet is chalked filled with intriguing details and suggestions for how to clean your engagement ring. Under no situations need to you utilize the following items to clean your engagement ring:

  • Toothpaste
  • BoilingWater
  • Vodka
  • Ketchup
  • AnEspresso Machine
  • A Dish Brush
  • AnyHard Bristle Brush

While there are lots of wild engagement ring cleansing “hacks” online for how to clean your engagement ring, however we advise that you prevent pursuing any of these to prevent damaging your valuable diamond.

At-HomeCleaning Tips

If you live from another location and can not check out the Lauren B display room, or you simply require a fast cleansing option, you can clean your engagement ring from the convenience of your own house.

WhatYou Need …

  • A Jar
  • DishSoap
  • WarmWater
  • SoftBristle Toothbrush
  • MicrofiberCloth


  1. Fill your container with warm water and include a couple of drops of meal soap.
  2. Place your ring in the container. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Take your engagement ring from the container of water and carefully brush the ring with your soft bristle tooth brush. Make sure you brush from all angles and get the underside of the ring (this is where dirt and gunk accumulation likes to gather together).
  4. Pour a little fresh water over the ring to get rid of the soap and dirt.
  5. Air dry your engagement ring or clean your ring with a microfiber fabric. Do not utilize a paper towel; this will leave microparticles on your diamond.

If you have actually bought or strategy to buy your engagement ring from Lauren B, we provide cleaning up pens with every engagement ring purchase and totally free life time cleansing in-store. You can utilize the Lauren B cleansing pen to identify tidy your engagement ring or as an extra action following your routine cleansing.

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ProtectingYour Engagement Ring

Caring for your diamond engagement ring exceeds what you can see Protecting your ring with a life time guarantee and quality insurance coverage is an essential element of ring care.

AllLauren B engagement rings have a restricted life time guarantee, which will cover your engagement ring in the case of flaws. You can find out more about our minimal life time guarantee here

Ring insurance coverage will safeguard your engagement ring versus incidental damage, loss, or theft. We advise that you guarantee your engagement ring as quickly as possible. All you will require for insurance protection is an appraisal of your engagement ring, which is supplied with every Lauren B jewelry purchase.

Lauren B Makes it Easy

AtLauren B, we desire you to be forever pleased with your engagement ring and wedding event band pairing. Our minimal life time guarantee, totally free life time cleansings, and cleansing pens guarantee you have whatever you require to keep your diamonds as dazzling as the day you got them.

For basic queries about your Lauren B engagement ring or wedding event band, you can email [email protected] and a staff member will react as quickly as possible.