Here’s How To Elevate Boring Outfits With Accessories

We relied on Gretchen Hollingsworth, creator of INK+ALLOY, to get her easy-to-implement suggestions.

‘Throw-on-and-go’ type devices.

“As a mom of 2 and a company owner– I do not have time to put a lots of believed into each and every piece I choose in the early morning. I like to have a handful of ‘throw-on-and-go’ type pieces that can gather a last-minute appearance with ease. So, whether it’s a timeless set of brass hoops or a neutral beaded set of earrings, I can complement my appearance in a breeze + make my early morning hustle look more deliberate. My preferred go-to earrings for this are my direct brass hoop earrings + my citron strong small fringe earrings Citron is a neutral color in my world + one that constantly keeps my attire on the edge of chic/modern + boho/cool.”


“Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds. I got in the car after work one day and ditched my go-to bracelet stack + earrings in my cupholder and once I arrived home, I simply left them in the car. The next evening after work I was meeting a friend for happy hour + realized I didn’t have on earrings — you know that weird ‘naked’ feeling you get when recognizing a missing piece? It was at that moment that I looked down and saw my forgotten accessories. That ‘oops’ moment turned into a happy little accident that I now do on purpose. Keep a pair of earrings + a few bangles in your car – your future self will thank you.”

Color obstructing and contrasting color patterns.

“The next time you step out in your favorite denim jacket, be sure to throw on a pair of contrasting coral earrings! That go-to pink-striped button-up? Accessorize boldly with green statement pieces. It’s a fun way to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh + on-trend while simply using that handy-dandy color wheel we all learned about in grade school.”

Mix metallics.

“Mixing metallics is enjoyable! Those timeless bronze + silver shades of the 90 s are back and they are much more enjoyable as an expert lady. It’s a fantastic method to keep your treasure pieces in rotation together with fresh brand-new finds you succumb to in shops now. I like that this pattern highlights my white gold wedding event band while enabling me to blend+ match my go-to brass bracelets + shimmery gold beaded bracelets. It’s a throwback pattern that I’m grateful has actually resurfaced.”

Pick a device that has ALL the colors in your closet.

“You’ll reach for it time and time again. It seems like an obvious tip, but not everyone is daring enough to reach for a necklace or bracelet or earrings that are jam-packed with punchy colors. I realized though once I started collecting multicolored accessories that they really are just as versatile as a neutral piece! When in doubt, grab a bright rainbow accessory and a more muted rainbow accessory and you’ll be amazed by how often you reach for them. They’ll quickly become jewelry box staples.”

Find something to grab in a pinch on a bad hair day.

“They’re unavoidable. Whether you slept on damp hair or do not have time to tame your frizz, you make certain to have a bad hair day a minimum of a number of times a month. When you have a go-to hair device in your toolbox, bad hair days are a nonissue. My favorite is a timeless brass hair stick! It’s a damage-free method to tame your hair in a pinch and constantly makes it appear like you attempted more difficult than you did. Simply twist it up and top it with a little bit of shine. My individual favorite is this brass hair stick that includes a little bit of modern-day boho flare to any attire.”