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When it pertains to acquiring jewelry, many people neglect the value of how it is made. However, the production procedure can affect both the quality and appearance of a completed piece ofjewelry Keep reading to learn what sets us apart from our market rivals!

The primary 2 production approaches most frequently utilized to produce jewelry are casting and hand fabrication. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, which we’ll examine in additional information in this post. Before we dive any much deeper, it is essential to bear in mind that the term “handmade” is frequently improperly utilized to explain both producing procedures. Hand fabrication is the ONLY technique where a piece of jewelry is developed from scratch by a knowledgeable artisan, while approaches like casting count on extra production strategies to help at the same time.

AtLauren B, we focus on developing customized engagement rings that are totally made by hand. Each piece is crafted by master jewelry experts in our individual production center situated just a couple of blocks from our New York City display room.

The large bulk of merchants utilize the casting technique, which includes putting molten metal into molds. The mold is developed by very first sculpting or 3D printing a wax design of the ended up jewelry item. This design is then covered in plaster prior to being warmed. The heat triggers the wax to melt, which leaves area inside the plaster for molten metal to be gathered. Once the metal is cooled, the plaster is eliminated to expose the piece ofjewelry It is then polished and set with any gems to finish the last style.


  • Casting is an extremely effective technique for producing big volumes of jewelry, given that it is possible to utilize numerous molds simultaneously to produce a completed piece.
  • It is less costly when compared to handmade jewelry, as it needs less time and labor.
  • There is frequently making use of digital makings, which can be 3D printed to produce jewelry with really accurate requirements.


  • The usage of molds in metalwork postures a threat of porosity (little air pockets within the metal). This can trigger the ended up item to be weaker and more susceptible to breaking.
  • Cast metal is less thick when compared to handmade jewelry, which can make it simpler to scratch and flex.
  • It is hard to produce styles with finer and more fragile information due to the restricted resilience of the metal.
  • Creating creates with numerous kinds of metal can be more tough, as the elements require to be cast individually and after that soldered together. This can make the piece weaker at the different soldered points.

Hand produced jewelry is much less typical and includes dealing with metal from scratch utilizing an extremely high level of workmanship. This procedure does not include any designs or molds. The procedure starts with raw pieces of metal that generally can be found in the type of wire and/or sheets. The metal is then controlled by cutting, hammering, forming and annealing (heating) to produce the wanted style. Once the metalwork is total, it is polished and any gems are set to complete the piece. Watch the video HERE to get a thorough take a look at how we handcraft our engagement rings.


  • Handmadejewelry is nearly 50% more difficult than cast jewelry, as the metal is a lot more thick from being hammered and formed. This leads to a more resilient item that has actually an increased resistance to scratching and flexing
  • One can produce finer and narrower styles that have a more fragile look. By contrast, cast rings can have a bulkier appearance.
  • It is simpler to blend various kinds of metals in a single piece of jewelry without having resilience issues. For example, developing an engagement ring with a yellow gold band and white gold prongs.
  • There is no possibility that a piece will establish porosity, which is a typical defect in the casting procedure.


  • Handmadejewelry is more pricey, as it is more time and labor extensive.
  • Since there is no help from 3D printing or molds, the level of information and accuracy when reproducing a style by hand can have small variations.

OurNew York shop place brings a comprehensive collection of handmade engagement ring styles that can be personalized to your preference. We think it is essential to have actually each ring crafted by hand in order to guarantee a life time of the greatest level of quality and information.To find out more about our customized procedure or to ask about developing your own special ring please e-mail[email protected]