“Gym Kardashian” is the Funniest Thing on the Internet Right Now


It’s not the very first Kardashian meme, and it’s most likely not the last– however Gym Kardashian is among the very best things taking place on the Internet today. The truth star is looking mad ripped in a series of skillfully photoshopped photos, and we truthfully can’t get enough of it. Body home builder Kim is strong, effective and she advises us that a bending female biceps can be simply as attractive as any muscle a male can use.

What’s sexier than cycling shorts and tube tops à la Yeezy season 6? Gym Kardashian.

If you require an assisting hand, who do you call? Gym Kardashian.

Who challenges heteronormativity with their drink option? Gym Kardashian.

Keep on flexing, Gym Kardashian.