Great Outfits in Fashion History (BeautyEdition): Aaliyah’s Good Hat Hair and Sporty Lip Gloss

Aaliyah at a Revlon charity event in 2000.

Aaliyah at a Revlon fundraiser in 2000.

There are completely excellent star design minutes, and after that there are the appearances that actually stick to you, the ones you attempt frantically to recreate in the house. In ‘GreatOutfits in Fashion History,’ Fashionista editors are reviewing their all-time preferred lewks.

Aaliyah, in addition to being an intense skill in the music market lost prematurely, was likewise quickly among the most considerable beauty icons of her time. (I imply, not simply anybody gets a MAC makeup collection in their honor) So naturally she handled to make a basic black baseball cap appearance elegant as hell for a charity walk.