Glossier Gave Bar Soap the Makeover It Absolutely Needed

Glossier Body Hero Exfoliating Bar, $14, available at

GlossierBody Hero Exfoliating Bar, $14, readily available atGlossier com

Bar soap is back, and it’s much better than ever. No, actually. On Thursday, Glossier presented its own take on the oh-so-basic shower staple in the type of the BodyHero Exfoliating Bar, a bar soap studded with exfoliating beads, together with the brand-new BodyHero Dry-TouchOil Mist body moisturizer.

As a long time critic of the principle of bar soap– I’ve constantly seemed like it left a waxy movie on my skin, plus, it simply skeeves me out, all sitting there in its meal, gathering restroom dust– I was less than thrilled when I initially became aware of this item. But, all in a day’s work, I attempted it … and I ended up being consumed. But more on my individual ideas on these items in a minute. First, some realities: