Fine Jewels That Make You Feel Like A Boss — Gem Hunt

Now when it comes to finding talismanic jewels that make you channel Beyonce there are two rules…

Rule 1.)

Real gold only –  okay people, no fill, no vermeil, no plated – Beyonce would only allow real gold to grace her skin, and while these cheaper products are tempting they often won’t last a lifetime so our advice is to make sure you splurge on the real thing.

Rule 2.) 

The only opinion that matter is your opinion. Seriously, if black diamonds make you feel like a princess go for it! If you want to want to 12-inch long diamond earring a ala Beyonce at the Grammy’s go for it!  If engraving bad bitch inside your diamond band feels right – say it with me – go for it!

Here are my favorite jewelry talismans that make me feel like ‘Yonce