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ElongatedDiamond Shapes: Emerald, Radiant, Hybrid Step-Cuts, and Cushion Diamonds

It is obvious that lengthened cut diamonds are the perfect center-stone shape for lots of customers. These diamonds look bigger on the hand since they cover more property lengthwise on the finger. Each of the shapes revealed listed below are likewise cut in square ranges, nevertheless we are discovering that the lengthened ones are all the rage now!

In order of look from delegated right:


3.20 caratEmeraldCut diamond: This shape is an ageless classic. Due to its action cut faceting, the clearness of these diamonds is crucial, as you have a clear view into the center of the stone. POUND Pro Tip: You can compromise more on color – even a “J” will look almost colorless faceup!


3 caratRadiantCut diamond: this shape truly saw a revival in2019 AtLauren B, we just equip a specifically cut variation of this stone that enables an even, crisp shimmer throughout and a bigger than typical face-up look. POUND Pro Tip: Pay attention to the GIA report to make sure the aspects extend straight from the girdle (outer edge) to the culet (bottom idea of the stone).

HybridStep Cut

3.50 carat Hybrid Step Cut: This shape is a remarkable mix of all 3 other cuts noted! It has actually rounded edges comparable to a cushion cut, open aspects like an emerald cut, and simply enough shimmer to equal a glowing! POUND Pro Tip: This diamond is EXTREMELY limited on the marketplace however atLauren B, we do have a good choice of this specific cut!


4 caratCushionCut: The appeal of this shape is its soft edges and pillow-like look. It is well matched for a range of settings and has actually been a popular choice for over a years now. POUND Pro Tip: Similar to glowing cuts, examine the GIA report to make sure that it has “brilliant style” faceting to accomplish crisper shimmer and bigger measurements!

If you have any concerns about engagement rings with lengthened shapes, please e-mail [email protected] so we can develop a custom-made quote for you!