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eBay Seller Claims He Has Russell Wilson Super Bowl Ring For Sale

July12, 2019

With a low purchase it now cost of $25,00 0, no feedback from the seller, and a ‘no-return’ policy specified in the auction, what could possible fail?

Russell wilson Super Bowl ring for sale on ebay

Looking thoroughly at the 2 provided pictures on the ebay listing, the “Russell Wilson” Seahawks Super Bowl ring revealed above is plainly a phony. It’s not even a genuine Salesman sample ring.

The seller with no feedback, put a brief however intriguing description in the listing:

“God told me to put this ring up for sell. So enjoy it whomever is going to buy this. ”

Who might blame somebody for feeling this deal is not legitimate after seeing the pictures and the description discussing God.

There are no extra information about this Super Bowl XLVIII ring such as if the diamonds are genuine, and if the champion ring is made from strong gold. And do not even consider documents with this champion ring offering.

Apparently the seller isn’t all bad … he’s providing a meager expense of $1171 to deliver this product to the purchaser.

Please keep in mind, I purchase genuine champion rings. If you want to offer your champion ring in total personal privacy, please call me.

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