Durable Settings – How Practical is Your Engagement Ring?

Is there such a thing as a resilient diamond setting?

Durability is a crucial concern when picking an engagement ring. Few individuals think about simply how long lasting their selected style will be. Most long lasting diamond settings are just long lasting to a degree. Few diamond ring settings will withstand routine durable and abuse.

Here we will take a look at a number of elements to think about– each worthwhile of note when choosing how useful your ring will be for day-to-day wear. Don’ t dwell totally on sturdiness. Few individuals desire an unsightly engagement ring, so be practical. Find a balance however think about some essential elements.

Care needs to be taken with any piece of great diamond jewellery. Few pieces of jewellery will stand up to routine abuse when knocked and scraped. Jewellery enduring heavy wear will reveal abuse and disregard through scuffs, scrapes and gouges. The shine and shimmer will fade, leading to a drab variation of the initial product.

Refurbishment can typically bring back a piece of jewellery to its previous look, however routine care offsets the requirement for routine attention. Furthermore, factor to consider of the style itself will help in reducing the danger when a ring is used daily.

Consider each of the following points for long lasting diamond settings.

SimplicityOf Design

It stands to factor that less things can fail with a basic style. Ring settings with fancy diamond shoulders risk of higher damage compared to a basic solitaire design.

Lila engagement ring with heart shaped underbezel

TheLila style– basic sophisticated styling

WeightOf Claws

Engagement rings with considerable, heavy or weighty claws will be more long lasting than rings with great claws. Strike a balance in between the density of each claw and the general look. Too heavy and a smaller sized diamond can appear overloaded.

Our primary image above reveals the considerable Berlin engagement ring style, styled with strong protected claws.

NumberOf Claws

The more claws surrounding the diamond, the higher a diamond’s security. Ring settings with 2, 3 or 4 claws will be more at danger than a 6 claw setting. Durable diamond settings tend to have more claws to safeguard the diamond.

Liberty Tiffany style ring
Liberty style.

All rare-earth elements scratch and can be harmed. But some options provide higher sturdiness. White Gold is usually ended up with a difficult white Rhodium plating This external plating uses with time however provides security for the gold underneath.

On the other hand 950 Platinum bears its natural grey-white metal surface area, it can be brought back to the as-new surface in spite of scratching and marking with time. Being less flexible than Gold, Platinum uses higher rigidness for holding diamonds– claws are less most likely to flex with routine wear.

Sterling silver is among the metals that we do not suggest for engagement rings. It is not hard adequate to safeguard stones or diamonds. Not just that, however silver stays a soft metal which, over a brief time of wear, will flex out of shape and ultimately snap.

Therefore, for a lower spending plan alternative, we provide the alternative of 9ct gold.


Few individuals think about the functionality of height when purchasing a diamond ring setting Higher ring settings sit happily on the finger. They are more exposed and based on higher danger whilst being used. Consider setting designs which are lower, nearer the finger, for higher security. Lower settings make more long lasting diamond settings.

TypesOf Durable Diamond Settings

Practical protected bezel set Dome ring

Bezel set Dome ring with useful protected bezel setting.

Setting designs differ from claw settings to smooth rub-over bezel settings. If you select a conventional claw setting, guarantee that the claws feel smooth. Check that your ring will not snag or capture on products. A snagging claw may need extra polishing.

It can likewise recommend that the claw has actually been knocked or moved. Best to get this examined an existing ring setting. The smoother rub-over or bezel setting surrounds a diamond’s external edge offering higher security. This setting design is not always for everybody, and options must be well balanced in between styling and functionality.

4 Claw Settings

Alongside the 6-claw setting, the 4-claw stays the most popular and standard setting for engagement rings. As discussed above, the 6 claw is viewed as more protected and while it’s a strong suggestion for bigger diamond-carat weights. This does not require to be the case for smaller sized diamonds.

For example, picking a 0.30 ct diamond with a 6 claw will overload the diamond. With lower presence of the table of the diamond.

durable ring settings 4 claw engagement ring

DurableDiamond Settings– Talon Claws

What are talon claws?

Secondly, we take a look at talon claws. Becoming a growing number of popular for modern-day engagement rings, and their sturdiness makes a beneficial alternative. The claws themselves are flattened and pointed on the diamond table, with the extra alternative of having the claws line up with the elements of the diamond.

The result develops a tidy, modern-day appearance, which are likewise extremely hard to capture on clothing and so on, due to the smooth surface.

durable settings talon claws
BespokeBlue Diamond Engagement Ring— Featuring TalonClaws

8 Claws

In addition to 6 claws, customers often select an 8-claw and even a 10- claw setting. Therefore developing the supreme long lasting diamond settings. Although not constantly needed for sturdiness, this is more frequently an option of the general appearance.

Part Bezel & & Claw

Tension and part bezels produce the visual effect of a single-tension style. However, by themselves stress settings might not fit everybody’s way of life. More susceptible to knocks and bangs, the stress style can be a difficult setting to deal with.

Although it’s likewise among the most popular ring settings, the alternative of including a security claw can still produce the exact same preferred appearance.

Part bezel and claw setting
Example from our BespokePear Shaped Green Sapphire EngagementRing


As above, a totally stress setting requirements to be thought about prior to dedication. We suggest customers consider their way of life, and if they are heavy-handed. Due to the stone or diamond being protected in location by 2 ridges of metal, any sideways knock or capture can work the diamond loose.

So how do you examine if your stress set diamond has worked loose?

Do NOT press on the diamond with your fingernail or finger. This will threat the diamond ending up being even looser. Instead, bring the phone towards your ear and, extremely gently with the other hand, tap on the back of the ring– preventing the diamond setting.

If you hear a rattle, the diamond is loose and needs a really basic tightening up. After this point, we suggest getting rid of the ring and keeping it in a safe and secure location to prevent additional loosening or loss.

Tension set engagement ring Unity
UnityDiamond Tension Set Engagement Ring.


Due to platinum being one the most long lasting metals to safeguard centre stones, customers choosing yellow gold might want to think about a platinum setting for a more protected engagement ring. Two- tone choices produce a striking impact, although as a requirement, this is made with white gold; the alternative for a platinum head/setting develops a more powerful surface.

yellow sapphire ring

LifetimeWarranty and Jewellery Insurance

In summary, besides the above notes, we need to think about some essential information when buying an engagement ring. For any important diamond engagement ring, a life time production guarantee (which accompanies all diamond jewellery purchases at SD) is a benefit.

Ensure you have an insurance plan for your jewellery and any life time guarantee. By ticking both boxes, your product will be covered for any prospective production problems, unintentional loss and damage for total assurance.

Engagement ring insurance


Mark is the creator and owner of Serendipity Diamonds which he established in 2007 after more than a years of dealing with sleek diamonds. Today, he works as part of a specialist group of great jewellery specialists based in their high-end Ryde display room on the Isle of Wight in the UK.