Drake’s New Music Video Will Make You Happy Cry

“The budget plan for this video was $996,63190 We offered everything away. Don’ t inform the label.”

Last week, we reported that Drake was directing his inner Oprah The 30- year-old star turned rap artist was flaunting his kindness and wealth throughout the Miami location, spending for a trainee’s university tuition, purchasing an entire grocery store their groceries and so on and so on What offers Drizzy? Why the unexpected altruism? One week later on, we lastly have a description from our cherished 6ix God– who just enjoys his bed and his mother, he’s sorry.

The video for “God’s Plan” simply dropped, and it opens with the caption: “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.” The video programs the Birkin gathering rap artist handing money stacks, checks, toys, automobiles and Saks shopping sprees out to the deserving Drake fans ofFlorida It is, according to Drake, t he essential thing that the Toronto- born rap artist has actually carried out in his profession Watch the video listed below, and see if you can stop yourself from choking up. We’re so pleased with our homegrown Canadian young boy:’-RRB-