Diamond Face-Off: Modified Brilliant vs. Antique Cushions

Unlike other gem cuts, cushions have more than one popular kind of cut: the Modified Brilliant Cut and the Antique Cushion Cut, likewise referred to as the Old MineCut Modified dazzling cushion cuts have actually constantly been among the leading 5 most popular alternatives for engagement rings, however in the in 2015, antique cushions have actually gradually been moving their method up.

The cut is among the most substantial elements of the diamond; it impacts whatever from the shape to the quantity of fire the diamond uses. Although both cuts become part of the cushion household, their faceting is what genuinely sets them apart.

ModifiedBrilliant Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond is categorized by its square or rectangle-shaped shape with soft, rounded edges, which handles a pillow-like look. Marked by crisp aspects that record natural light, this dazzling cut enhances that spectacular shimmer everybody corresponds with diamond rings The face-up look of the stone is increased thanks to the dispersed weight of the aspects throughout the surface area, producing a stone that looks bigger than other cuts, although they may be the exact same carat weight and have comparable measurements.

For a Modified Brilliant Cushion cut, we advise choosing a GIA color grade of I color or above if you desire a whiter look. Depending on the kinds of additions, SI2 and above can be appropriate for cushions.

Check out a few of our most popular natural and lab-grown dazzling cushion cut engagement rings!

3 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Signature Wrap Solitaire Ring

5.31 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Three-StoneEngagement Ring

3.02 carat Cushion Cut Halo Platinum Engagement Ring

AntiqueCushion Cut (OldMine Cut)

The antique cushion cut, often called the “old mine” cut, varies rather from other cushion cut designs. It’s an unusual cut, which normally commands a greater price at first. However, with the appeal of lab-grown diamonds, they have actually ended up being more budget-friendly and hence far more popular in the in 2015.

AntiqueCushion cuts use chunkier aspects and a domed look, although the top of the stone is flat. Because of these bigger aspects, this cut likewise releases considerable shimmer. This is likewise an excellent cut for concealing undesirable colors, which indicates purchasers can optimize their spending plan.

4.39 carat Antique Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

3.07Antique Cushion Lab Diamond Three-StoneEngagement Ring

4.51 carat Antique Cushion Lab Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Cushion cuts use a soft, womanly experience due to the rounded edges, however they provide a lot of fire thanks to the specified aspects. Even the dazzling cushion cut uses bigger aspects than some other cuts. However, if you desire bigger aspects and the optimum quantity of shimmer, the customized dazzling cushion cut may be the much better alternative; these diamonds are cut to optimize refraction and shine whereas antique cushion cuts do not.

The main distinction in between customized dazzling and antique cushion cuts is the faceting: while they both have “larger” faceting, antique cushion aspects are the only cut with “chunky” aspects. Additionally, antique cushions include an open, noticeable culet at the bottom and a steeper crown where modern-day dazzling cushion cuts do not.


Both dazzling cushion cut diamonds and antique cushion cut diamonds are appropriate for concealing undesirable colors. This is especially real in contrast to crushed ice cushion cuts and enables purchasers to go with less expensive diamonds with more color and still take pleasure in the clearness of more expensive stones.

If it boils down to natural diamonds that are being hand-cut, we advise bewaring and conscious when it pertains to the Cut grade. Old Mine cuts are the hardest to cut as they eliminate the most amount of rough diamond from start to complete– a lot of diamond cutters will not even do it any longer!

FamousCushion Cut Diamonds Around the World

Modified dazzling and antique cushion cuts are ageless and growing in appeal. Here are a few of the most significant such cuts– we make certain you’ll acknowledge a minimum of a few of them!

TheHope Diamond

Perhaps the most popular diamond in history, the HopeDiamond, was as soon as part of an even bigger stone, the Tavernier Blue, which weighed in at 112 carats. That was then reduced into the French Blue by King Louis XIV, which was later on taken. After it was recuperated, it was recut again into the Hope Diamond, which showcases a spectacular antique cushion cut.

TheRegent Diamond

Once part of among the biggest diamonds ever found (400+ carats), the RegentDiamond entered into the French Crown Jewels and is now on display screen in theLouvre It stays part of the French Crown Jewels and is thought about the biggest colorless diamond on the planet. It likewise boasts an antique cushion cut.

TheTiffany Yellow Diamond

Originally weighing in at nearly 290 carats, the TiffanyYellow Diamond was acquired by Charles Lewis Tiffany (of Tiffany & &Co) for simply $18,000 in the late 1800 s. He had it cut to its present size, however the stone has actually altered settings various times over its long history. It was nestled in a spectacular locket when Audrey Hepburn used it, however it was put into a much shorter choker design for Lady Gaga in2019 Most just recently, it has actually been used by Beyonce considering that 2021 in her Tiffany & &Co ads.

Tiffany Diamond

AreYou Team Brilliant Cut or an Antique Cut?

Both the customized dazzling cushion cut and the antique cushion cut deal unbelievable beauty and enormous inner fire. They’re likewise perfect for those going shopping on a spending plan since they magnify refractions while concealing colors. At Lauren B, we have an unique stock of loose stones, consisting of lots of customized dazzling cushions and antique cushions. We likewise use access to an unique collection of lab-created, antique cushion cut diamonds

We like both cushion cuts and think that each has something special to use. If you love the softer look and increased shimmer these cuts use, we ‘d like to discuss your requirements. Take a minute to explore our cushion cut diamond video gallery to see our choice. You can likewise take a look at our Instagram for a fast rundown of the distinctions in between these 2 cuts!