December Birthstones – Tanzanite, Turquoise and Blue Zircon

Firstly, if you’re fortunate adequate to commemorate a December birthday, 3 birthstones represent December: Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon.

Most significantly, each year we produce lots of remarkable jewellery styles to with December’s Birthstones Set with either Tanzanite, Turquoise or BlueZircon Within this guide, we expose the real significance and beauty of December’s birthstones.


What is Tanzanite? Interestingly, this extraordinary gems originates from the mineralZoisite Tanzanite exists in a range of tones varying from blue to violet.

Tanzanite flower necklace and earrings set

However, the colouration happens due to the existence of Vanadium within the mineral. As the name recommends, Tanzanite stems from Tanzania– a gems treasured for its remarkable colour and rarity. Crystalline trichroism triggers the blue to violet colouration to differ in various circumstances.

When mined, many Tanzanite has a brown tint, gotten rid of by heat treatment to boost the dominating blue-violet colour of the gems. For this factor, many Tanzanite is dealt with to boost its colour.

december's birthstone round Tanzanite shown in parcel

Example of a round Tanzanite revealing the unique blue-violet colouration related to this kind of gems.

Bespoke tanzanite and diamond ring
VintageTanzanite and Diamond Bespoke Ring

Our example ring originates from our bespoke jewellery service and was made in 950Platinum An unique Blue Tanzanite included contrast versus little 1mm diamonds. The diamonds included extraordinary shimmer. Furthermore, the distinct impact differed from other halo design settings

Tanzanite ended up being an addition to December’s birthstones as just recently as2002


In truth, the name ‘Zoisite’ was prevented owing to a resemblance to the word ‘suicide.’ For this factor, the name Tanzanite was utilized as a better name for this extraordinary gems.

Tanzanite and diamond halo ring in the Eleanor design

Eleanor halo ring style, set with an unbelievable blue Tanzanite surrounded by diamonds.

When it pertains to jewellery styles, we advise Tanzanite for both earrings and pendants. A Tanzanite engagement ring needs care throughout wear. This semi-fragile gems damages more quickly than diamonds or sapphires. As an outcome, we never ever advise this gems for heavy-handed customers fretted about harming their ring.


The nontransparent gems Turquoise varies from Tanzanite andZircon It stems from lots of sources around the world consisting of Iran, Sinai, the United States and evenChina In contrast gems such as Tanzanite stem from simply one source.

Turquoise gets its name from the 17 th Century word significanceTurkish


example of a cabochon turquoise set into a ring

Example of a cabochon Turquoise ring. Photo thanks to @angelecamp

The colour of Turquoise differs from white to fade blue. However, many people associate Turquoise with unique blue-green colouration.

Historically, polished, Turquoise includes in both ancient and contemporary jewellery. For example, from ancient Egypt, we see Pharaonic treasures set withTurquoise


InexpensiveTurquoise jewellery frequently includes artificial types of this gems. For example, fashion jewellery set with artificial ranges of Turquoise makes a popular and cost effective device. As an outcome, we discover Turquoise throughout jewellery priced really in a different way.

Sterling silver Turquoise necklace and earrings

Available from our Showroom collection. Sterling silver teardrop Turquoise pendant and matching earrings offered.

Owing to the opacity of Turquoise, Cabochon cuts appear regularly throughout jewellery designs. Most gems include angular elements to show light. Conversely, Cabochon cuts have no elements. In addition, they are normally domed with a flat base.

Measuring 6 on the Mohs scale, the firmness of Turquoise compares to glass. Turquoise regularly differs in colour, with particular dark flecks brought on by the existence of limonite.


Zircon happens in a range of colours, consisting of blue, yellow, orange and red. This transparent crystalline gems comes from the mineral group of neosilicates.

Its name originates from the German word ‘Zirkon.’ This, in turn, originates from the Persian word ‘Zargun,’ significance Gold- hued.

December's birthstone Blue Zircon shown here in an oval cut example

LargeZircon crystals take place seldom in nature. Occasionally, we deal with BlueZircon Moreover, we source each gems separately for each commission. Its beauty and rarity make it a costly gems option frequently asked for by jewellery lovers. In conclusion, it makes one of the rarer options for December’s birthstone.

Close up of an Oval cut Blue Zircon

Close up of an Oval cut Blue Zircon

BlueZircon Jewellery

One of the incredible Blue Zircon rings developed by our group included the above gems set into a halo ring.

We handcrafted this bespoke ring style made from 18 ct YellowGold In addition, the ring included natural white diamonds in the halo and throughout each shoulder of the ring.

Blue Zircon and Diamond Halo Ring

BlueZircon and diamond halo ring handcrafted by our group at Serendipity Diamonds, made in 18 ct YellowGold

ShowroomGift Inspiration

Recently, we included a brand name brand-new set of jewellery to our display room collection. The Tanzanite flower earrings make an ideal present for a December birthday. In addition, a matching Tanzanite pendant makes the best jewellery set for December’s birthstone.

Get in touch with us for additional details, or visit our Ryde display room to find alternative presents offered.

Further aid and assistance on December’s birthstone

Contact us for additional aid and assistance on any product of jewellery set with December’s birthstone option. We supply a total bespoke style service. This consists of complimentary aid and assistance without any responsibility to acquire. Our group are on hand in our UK display room to provide support Monday toSaturday

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