Courteney Cox Cutting Her Own Bangs is the Scariest Halloween Video

Photo by: Jordin Althaus/ E! Entertainment/ NBCU Photo Bank/ NBCUniversal by means of Getty Images

WhatDid We.Just Watch?

Halloween may have reoccured for another year, however there are a couple of talking points connected to the yearly occasion that we’re still going over today. The star outfits, naturally, and Instagram fiend Courteney Cox’s newest video.

We suspect Cox may have brought a little April Fool’s Day enjoyable to Halloween 2019– a minimum of we’re seriously hoping that holds true– with a video she shared on Instagram last night.

In the clip, the Friends star can be seen relaxing on her sofa as she attends to the cam informing her 5.6 million fans, “It’s Halloween and I believed that I ‘d enter the spirit of things and enjoy a few of the Scream films. I selected Scream 3. I observe that Gale Weathers has those notorious bangs. I do not believe there’s anything incorrect with that.”

The cam then pans to the starlet’ TELEVISION screen to reveal a more youthful Cox as Weathers in the movie with stated bangs. Present day Cox then attends to the cam a 2nd time stating, “I think they look cool. I say bring them back.” Then, like a wild female without any cares worldwide, she takes out a set of cooking area scissors and begins hacking into her hair. Honestly, it’s the scariest thing I have actually viewed in a while.

Cox then asks, “What do you think?” as Ghostface, the well known killer from the Scream franchise, turns up in the background.

Watch it on your own listed below:

In all possibility, Cox cut a wig and not her own hair. But the resemblances in between it and her natural hair are so striking that it certainly had us choosing a hot minute. The starlet is yet to share a picture of herself today, letting the secret hang simply a bit longer, too.

Regardless, there is formally absolutely nothing scarier than Do It Yourself bangs.