Colored gems paradise: AGTA GemFair2019.

I have actually returned from the desert where I roamed for just 4 days however had my mind absolutely blown by the wonderful colored gems gold mine that is the AGTA GemFair ™.

AGTA means AmericanGemstone Trade Association Widely acknowledged as the world’s authority in color, AGTA and its members lead the market in instructional resources, ethical practices, and the finest colored gems and cultured pearls.

AGTA’s trade convention— particularly the famous yearly Tucson GemFair ™ — unites the most magnificent colored gems and pearl dealerships, while preserving ethical requirements that imply every company there is one you can feel excellent about supporting.

Looking for the best in colored gemstones at the 2019 AGTA GemFair in Tucson!This was the 3rd year I had the honor of working as among AGTA’s designated GemFair ™ Gembassadors, charged with the spiritual responsibility of sharing all the colored gems magic with those of you who could not exist face to face.

AGTA GemFair ™ is a closed occasion, just available to the jewelry market … however its treasures are Not To BeMissed And that’s precisely why I ensured to take MANY photos.

Colored gems paradise: AGTA GemFair2019.

A stunning fan brooch by Paula Crevoshay, with birds in colored gemstones, diamonds, and pearls.

Brooch by Paula Crevoshay, with birds in colored gems, diamonds, and pearls.

It’s beyond motivating to walk AGTA GemFair ™ Tucson and see the distinction in between completed designer jewelry and the abstract beauty loose colored gems and pearls. I will never ever have the ability to properly reveal how excellent I believe it is that jewelry designers can take a stack of rocks and turn them into an elegant piece of wearable art.

Speaking of elegant wearable art, the brooch above is a work of art by the one and just PaulaCrevoshay, a designer who is rather rightfully popular for her colored gems styles.

A delicious selection of glorious no heat sapphires from Kimberly Collins Colored Gems, at AGTA GemFair 2019!

No heat sapphires from Kimberly Collins Colored Gems.

There’s something enchanting about an efficient colored gems display screen. This rainbow-themed box of luscious sapphires at KimberlyCollins Colored Gems stopped me in my tracks. I do not even wish to turn them into jewelry when I see them like this, I simply wish to own them so that I can have a little box of joy to take a look at when I’m unfortunate.

Also: how cool are sapphires that they can be found in all of these colors ?!?

A stunning Belle Brooke Designs necklace with recycled gold and a pink tourmaline.

BelleBrooke Designs locket with recycled gold and a pink tourmaline.

This year, for the very first time, AGTA collected the designers revealing completed colored gems jewelry and put them together in the brilliant, airy Grand Ballroom upstairs at the Tucson ConventionCenter I enjoyed this, since it made it very simple for me to roam around and see all of the designers– which enabled me to find and enjoy new-to-me brand names like Belle Brooke Designs!

BelleBrooke’s design visual is extremely fresh and enticing. This sort of fragile, circle-ish detailing is her signature, and I enjoyed seeing it in this locket with the blended metal and effective pop of color from the tourmaline.

A beautiful tourmaline, sapphire, and diamond ring by Campbellian Collection. Spotted at AGTA GemFair 2019.

A tourmaline, sapphire, and diamond ring by Campbellian Collection.

This ring by CampbellianCollection is an ideal graph of whatever I enjoy about colored gems jewelry.

Just look how absolutely magnificent those colors are together– the green tourmaline, brilliant diamonds, and purpley pink sapphires favorably sing in mix with each other. They radiance, they come alive! I feel pleasure when I take a look at this ring.

Beautiful, perfectly-matched South Sea pearls from Yen's Jewelry. Spotted at AGTA GemFair 2019.

SouthSea pearls from Yen’s Jewelry.

I was basically simply standing in front of Yen’s Jewelry’s pearl display screen, happily spacing out in the basic instructions of their enchanting rows and rows of pearls, when the dealership strolled over and asked if I wished to see something amazing.

He then took out this: a hair of wonderful, perfectly-matched South Sea pearls. Finding pearls this constant in color and size is rather an accomplishment, particularly when they’re this huge! And take a look at that appeal. So attractive.

Utterly spectacular tourmaline rings by Suzy Landa! From the 2019 AGTA GemFair.

Rings by Suzy Landa.

How absolutely magnificent are these rings from Suzy Landa?? I’m consumed. They’re so strong!

I enjoy a ring that uses up vertical area on the finger, and these 2 are killer. I particularly enjoy the tones of tourmaline in the ring left wing, and the long, uncommon lozenges of tourmaline in the ring on my guideline finger. (You can see a video of these appeals here)

I had never seen the rare gem grandidierite until I visited Michael Couch's booth at the 2019 AGTA GemFair.

Grandidierite from Michael Couch.

I had actually never ever even become aware of the uncommon colored gems grandidierite up until I checked out Michael Couch’s cubicle at the 2019 AGTA GemFair ™. It’s a charming light blue color that advises me a little bit of aquamarine or blue topaz however with various undertones.

It’s rather charming and I would enjoy to see some utilized injewelry Also, “grandidierite” is truly enjoyable to state.

Incredible carved gemstone bird statues from BB Gems, some with amethyst geodes! Spotted at the 2019 AGTA GemFair.

Carved gems bird statues from BB Gems, some with geodes.

And now for something a little various … how wild are these sculpted gems birds from BB Gems?? I have actually seen statues like this that are extremely little, like a couple of inches high, however I ‘d never ever seen any this huge prior to!

They had one that was nearly as high as me. I’m just 5 ′ 2 ″, however that’s still a quite huge bird.

This magnificent jewel from Dream Choice Jewelry features a beautiful starlight cut garnet and natural orange and yellow diamonds.

A lovely piece by Dream Choice Jewelry.

This is a spectacular gem from Dream Choice Jewelry, another new-t0-me designer I found for the very first time at this year’s AGTA GemFair ™ in Tucson.

This piece is so distinctive and stylish. The masterpiece here is that unbelievable colored gems: it’s a starlight-cut garnet framed by stunning, radiant leaves set with natural orange and yellow diamonds. Absolutely sensational.

Becky Stone of Diamonds in the Library wearing Padparascha sapphire and diamond jewels by Dallas Prince Design at AGTA Gemfair 2019!

Jewels by Dallas Prince Design.

If you have actually checked out any of my previous AGTA GemFair ™ wrap-ups, you’ll understand that a person of my preferred things to do at this occasion is to socialize with Dallas Prince, who I bonded with over a tiara at my very first GemFair ™ Dallas Prince resembles a human padparadscha sapphire: warm and stunning and uncommon and strong. I love her and her styles.

In the image above I’m decked it out in numerous of Dallas’ newest styles, which include diamonds and padparadscha sapphires in increased gold. It is so quite and romantic I can barely stand it.

Sphene is a stunning green gemstone with orange flecks. This heart-shaped beauty is from Michael Couch.

A sphene from Michael Couch.

I ‘d never ever even become aware of sphene up until I was numerous years into jewelry blogging, however this uncommon, charming colored gems has actually turned into one of my favorites. It’s a brilliant green with unbelievable orange flashes and I can’t get enough of it.

Sphene is a fragile gems that’s tough to cut, so you do not see it extremely typically. This big, heart-shaped sphene is magnificent. Michael Couch had this beauty at the AGTA GemFair ™. It’s kinda best with my manicure, do not you believe?

I love this rainbow pendant from Suzy Landa! Gemstones in gold with diamonds.

Necklace by Suzy Landa.

I enjoy this color wheel feel of this luscious rainbow pendant by Suzy Landa.

Suzy’s signature is the fantastic rough texture of her gold, an information that includes measurement and visual interest to whatever she does. I enjoy the size of the stones in this piece and their completely contrasting shades.

Beautiful river pearls from American Pearl Company.

River pearls from American Pearl Company.

One of the factors I constantly enjoy to check out American Pearl Company is since not just do they constantly have an actually cool range of various type of pearls, they likewise typically have examples of the type of shells that the pearls originate from!!

I discover the juxtaposition interesting: it truly drives house the reality of simply how not likely and cool it is that pearls are even a thing that takes place.

Beautiful pink lotus garnet and diamond rings by Parle Gems!

Pink lotus garnet and diamond rings by Parl é Gems

How stunning is this pink color?? These appeals are by Parl é Gems, and they include Pink Lotus garnet with shimmering white diamonds. It’s such a dreamy, romantic mix.

Parl é has rather a choice of these charming Pink Lotus gems on hand! I enjoyed them all. So wearable and quite.

An exquisite labradorite and gold pendant necklace by Lika Behar.

Labradorite and gold pendant by Lika Behar.

I love this pendant. That appealing rainbowlike stone is labradorite, among my favorites.

I enjoy how huge this stone is and I enjoy a lot more how Lika Behar has actually set it with these subtle however completely shaped gold accents. The gold truly motivates your eyes to dance throughout the surface area of the stone.

Beautiful moonstone rings by Campbellian Collection! Spotted at AGTA GemFair 2019.

Moonstone rings by Campbellian Collection.

And while we’re on the topic of iridescence … how about some spectacular moonstones? These are by the charming Bella of Campbellian Collection.

My preferred aspect of these rings is how Bella has actually set these moonstones along with colored gems accents that assist to draw out the naturally taking place colors in the primary stone. And you can quickly see here how remarkable those moonstones are– take a look at them flashing blue and orange and gold! Gorgeous.

I love this emerald and sapphire ring from Beverley K! .

Ring by Beverly K.

Emeralds and sapphires together are among my extremely preferred colored gems mixes, and I enjoy how the 2 gems swirl around each other in this ring by Beverly K.

Beverly K’s specialized is vintage-inspired jewelry, so it’s not a surprise that I’m drawn to their old-fashioned visual. This ring has a strong Art Deco ambiance, however those brilliant swirls of color feel completely contemporary.

I love this dragonfly brooch by Brenda Smith Jewelry! With glorious opals and gemstones in gold..

Brooch by Brenda Smith Jewelry.

This is Cecelia! I didn’t select her name however I do believe it’s an ideal fit.

Cecelia is a work of art from Brenda Smith FineJewelry Look at that spectacular opal wing! I believe my preferred information is how her body (her thorax?) is made from rotating cabochons and emerald cut colored gems. It truly dosages seem like the segmented body of a pest. Also she’s so incredibly big! Not a shy gal, ourCecelia See video here

A stack of colorful sapphire bracelets from Michael Couch! Spotted at the 2019 AGTA Gem Fair.

Colorful sapphire bracelets from Michael Couch.

The rainbow colored gems pattern has actually been holding strong the previous couple of years, and I enjoyed these vibrant rainbow and ombre line bracelets from Michael Couch.

They’re an extremely easy style, however the lively, thoroughly picked colors of the sapphires makes them alluring. I even enjoy them all stacked together like this, although many people may discover this a bit additional for day-to-day wear.

I love these rose gold and opal crescent moon earrings by Dallas Prince Designs.

Earrings by Dallas Prince Designs.

These earrings are likewise by Dallas Prince Designs.

I’m very into this collection– it has such a stunning vintage ambiance however these luscious appeals are all brand-new in warm, textured increased gold. There’s a matching pendant, too, and it’s so excellent. I used these around the Grand Ballroom for a long time, simply hanging out and indulging in their splendor.

Stunning amethyst earrings by Elizabeth Garvin.

Amethyst earrings by Elizabeth Garvin.

Amethyst isn’t normally a gems that I gravitate towards, however I have actually enjoyed it recently.

These very cool amethyst earrings by Elizabeth Garvin certainly drift my boat. I enjoy that strong faceting of the amethysts and the manner in which the metal of the style echoes that remarkable geometry.

Beautiful opals from Parle Gems! Spotted at the AGTA GemFair 2019.

Beautiful opals from Parle Gems!

When I asked you all which colored gems you wished to photo for you at the AGTA GemFair ™, a great deal of you requested opals! Very reasonable, considering that opals are, clinically speaking, magic made strong.

I believe these 2 wonderful boxes filled with glittering opal iridescence ought to suffice well. Can you think those colors ?! Opals are unbelievable.

A stunning tourmaline ring with diamonds. Look at those colors! From Kimberly Collins Colored Gems.

A tourmaline ring by Kimberly Collins Colored Gems.

I enjoy tourmaline a lot, and this one is amazing.

Doesn’ t it rock your world that this is a stone that formed naturally in the earth? Sure, it’s been faceted by human beings, however that wonderful color is all Mother Nature.

A rare and beautiful Edwardian era black opal ring from Under the Crown jewelry.

AnEdwardian age black opal ring from Under the Crown jewelry.

The AGTA GemFair ™ mainly reveals modern colored gems jewelry, loose stones, and pearls, however it does have a couple of dealerships who focus on antique, estate, and vintagejewelry Under the Crown is among these, and they constantly have something that’s ensured to blow my mind.

This year they rocked my world with this Edwardian age opal ring. Do you see the lively red flashes because opal? This is a genuinely uncommon and remarkable stone in an installing that was produced it 100 years earlier. Such a treasure.

Beautiful colored gemstone rings in gold from Kimberly Collins Colored Gems.

Rings from Kimberly Collins Colored Gems.

I enjoy KimberlyCollinsColored Gems’ Yumdrop rings a lot that I purchased one for myself at last year’s AGTA GemFair ™, however I can’t withstand stacking them up whenever I see them.

I love the jasper stones in these Lika Behar earrings.

LikaBehar earrings.

These jasper Lika Behar earrings are absolutely best to represent my see to AGTA GemFair ™ since not just are they a stunning usage of an uncommon colored gems, they likewise appear like windows unto a stunning desert.

This Paula Crevoshay brooch is inspired by the sea anemone and features sphene, opal, blue zircon, sapphires, tsavorite, and apatite.

A Paula Crevoshay brooch.

I currently revealed you one Paula Crevoshay work of art in this post, however I would be remiss if I didn’t likewise reveal you this one.

Inspired by a sea polyp, this brooch includes opal, blue zircon, sapphires, tsavorite, apatite and a big sphene. Did you acknowledge the sphene after we spoke about it up above? The orange flash is a telltale sign.

Two glorious 22K yellow gold and Tahitian pearl necklaces by Valerie Naifeh!

Necklaces by Valerie Naifeh.

Here are some luscious Tahitian pearl gems by another new-to-me designer, Valerie Naifeh.

Much of Valerie’s jewelry is influenced by ancient jewelry– you’ll see the Etruscan- design gold granulation adorning this piece, however the lightness and ease of her general styles is completely fresh and contemporary. This is in fact a couple of different pieces, however I enjoyed them together.

Becky Stone of Diamonds in the Library rocking Erica Courtney and Kimberly Collins jewels at the AGTA Spectrum Gala! Tanzanites, sapphires, and diamonds.

RockingErica Courtney and Kimberly Collins gems at the AGTA Spectrum Gala.

One of the advantages of going to Tucson for the AGTA GemFair ™ is that I’m there for the Spectrum Gala– the awards event and event committed to the market’s most prominent c olored gems awards

This year I was fortunate adequate to go to dressed up in sapphire and tanzanite gems by Erica Courtney (locket) and Kimberly Collins Colored Gems (earrings).

Beautiful colored gemstone jewels by Dallas Prince Designs!

Waving farewell with a hand loaded with gems by Dallas Prince Designs.

I did take 4,000 pictures at the 2019 AGTA GemFair ™, however I have actually got ta stop this post someplace. Keep an eye on my IG for videos of a number of these appeals in the future.

If you desire more colored gems goodness, see my AGTA archive here or discover everything about AGTA’s next trade convention– the recently transferred Las Vegas AGTA GemFair ™– on AGTA’s site

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