Cleaning and Care Tips For Different Metal Types

Noticing that your favorite jewelry is losing its radiance?

Dust, dirt, creams, and wetness are simply a couple of pollutants that can trigger your preferred pieces to dull in time. Although you can constantly schedule an expert cleansing with Brilliant Earth at one of our display rooms, a number of the pieces in your jewelry box can be cleaned up in the house in between expert cleansings utilizing Do It Yourself techniques. The technique to keeping your jewelry looking its finest is understanding how to look after each metal type. You must not be cleaning your yellow gold locket the exact same method you clean your platinum engagement ring! Knowing the correct care strategies for each metal type will assist make sure that your jewelry collection remains shining fresh.

Read on to find our guide to looking after your preferred rare-earth element pieces!

GeneralJewelry Care Tips

Although each metal type needs particular cleansing and care techniques, basic care standards use to all metal types:

Remove your jewelry when doing exercise that might trigger abrasions to the surface area of your ring such as: gardening, house cleaning, and workout. Avoiding contact with extreme chemicals such as chlorine, home cleaners, fragrance, and makeup will likewise extend the radiance of yourjewelry Store your jewelry in a fabric bag or a gently lined jewelry box to prevent surface area scratching.


Platinum is a popular and useful metal option for engagement and wedding event rings, due to its strength, toughness, radiance, and hypoallergenic nature. Unlike white gold, platinum is naturally white and will not lose its color in time. Although is keeps its radiance longer than a lot of great jewelry metals, everyday wear can trigger platinum to sustain scratches and acquire a patina, or matte surface. Many individuals delight in the appearance of this special radiance, however you might likewise have the platinum surface area expertly repolished to return a more reflective polish. An efficient at-home cleansing regimen for platinum includes:

  1. Prepare a cleansing service by blending soap (we suggest fundamental meal soap) and warm water. Do not utilize cleaning agents which contain chlorine or other extreme chemicals.
  2. Soak the jewelry in the service for 20-30 minutes. Use a soft bristled brush (an infant tooth brush works fantastic!) or a lint-free fabric to eliminate pesky dirt.
  3. Rinse off soap with water and dry with a soft, tidy, lint-free towel.
  4. Use a polishing fabric to assist eliminate any more tarnishing.
  5. You can likewise utilize a mild jewelry cleaner to more tidy your piece.

18 K White Gold

Our18 K white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium to supply a brilliant white surface. With everyday wear, or direct exposure to home chemicals, rhodium plating slowly will come off in time and expose the natural, yellowish-white tone of metal below. This yellow color is not dirt and will not come off with cleansing. Many individuals continue to use white gold long after the rhodium plating has actually disappeared, however you likewise have the alternative of having your jewelry expertly re-plated to return it to its intense white color. In the meantime, you can offer your 18 K white gold ring a refresh in the house utilizing these actions:

  1. Like with platinum, prepare a cleansing service by blending soap and warm water. Do not utilize cleaning agents which contain chlorine, ammonia, or other extreme chemicals.
  2. Soak the piece in the service for 20-30 minutes. Use your fingers, a soft fabric, or a soft tooth brush to eliminate pesky dirt. Be cautious not to scrub too tough so you do not scratch your rhodium plating!
  3. Rinse off soap with water and dry with a soft, tidy towel. Again, we suggest utilizing a lint complimentary microfiber fabric to prevent fibers snagging on any prongs on your ring setting.
  4. Use a polishing fabric to assist eliminate any more tarnishing.
  5. Many typical cleansing items can speed up endure white gold’s rhodium plating, so take care or prevent these completely when using a white gold ring.
  6. If you want to purchase a jewelry cleansing or polishing spray, make certain to acquire one that defines it is safe for white gold and to follow the producer’s directions.

18 K Yellow Gold

When yellow gold is mined, it is naturally yellow in color and does not fade or lose its color in time. Daily wear can trigger the yellow gold to lose its radiance and sustain surface area scratches, nevertheless. While expert upkeep is needed to rub out surface area scratching, routine at-home cleansings can quickly bring back yellow gold’s warm radiance. Because yellow gold is more long lasting than white gold, moderate chemicals such as ammonia can be utilized to tidy yellow gold. Follow these actions to clean your yellow gold pieces:

  1. Prepare a cleansing service by blending soap, warm water, and a couple of drops of ammonia.
  2. Soak the piece in the service for 20-30 minutes. Use a soft bristled tooth brush or a soft fabric to eliminate pesky dirt.
  3. Rinse off soap with water and either enable to airdry or blot dry with a soft, tidy lint-free fabric or paper towel.
  4. Use a polishing fabric to assist eliminate any more tarnishing.
  5. Remember that gold is a soft metal, so be mild throughout the brushing and polishing procedures.
  6. Additionally, do not utilize tooth paste or sodium bicarbonate mixes to tidy gold as these can be abrasive to the softer metal.

14 K Rose Gold

Rose gold is alloyed with other metals, consisting of copper, to accomplish its rosy pink radiance. Because of this, increased gold might respond badly to extreme chemicals or cleaning up techniques. The finest method to look after a rose gold ring is to carefully polish it frequently with a cleansing fabric to eliminate dirt, residue, and oils. Generally speaking, increased gold can be cleaned up utilizing the exact same techniques as yellow gold utilizing lukewarm water and moderate meal soap.


Exposure to air and humidity will trigger sterling silver to taint or dull in time. When possible, keep your silver in an air-tight container and far from water or damp environments. A little piece of chalk or a silica gel package will assist soak up any excess wetness in your jewelry box and aid keep your silver jewelry untarnished for longer. To eliminate taint and keep your silver intense, carefully rub the piece with a silver jewelry cleansing fabric. For more extreme staining problems, a typical in the house solution consists of:

  1. Line a baking meal, bowl, or pot with aluminum foil. Make sure the meal is entirely covered in foil.
  2. Bring adequate water to fill your foil-lined container to a boil.
  3. Add one tablespoon of baking soda for every single one cup of water you utilized.
  4. Place your silver jewelry in the meal you have actually lined with foil, and make certain it is touching the foil. This is needed for the chain reaction that gets rid of the taint to take place.
  5. Carefully(!) put the boiling water and baking soda service into the meal.
  6. Allow the water to sit for 2-5 minutes. If your taint is especially bad, you can leave for as much as 10 minutes. The boiling baking soda service and foil must trigger a chain reaction that reverses your taint in seconds or minutes.
  7. Remove your jewelry thoroughly with a spoon or kitchen area tongs and wash under cool water to cool it down.
  8. Dry completely with a soft cleansing fabric.

More substantial taint can be eliminated with liquid silver cleaner or by a jewelry expert. Please keep in mind that chlorine and bleach speed up staining and must be prevented.


Vermeil is a thick layer of gold over sterling silver. If you follow the correct care strategies, vermeil is a long lasting product and can last over 20 years without using down. The primary guideline to extend your vermeil’s golden radiance is to prevent water. Remove vermeil jewelry prior to showering or swimming in chlorine or seawater, taking part in activities that will trigger you to sweat, and prior to bringing into contact with anything hard. It is constantly best to eliminate vermeil jewelry prior to using makeup, cream, fragrance, or hand sanitizer. To tidy, carefully clean with a soft, dry jewelry cleansing fabric.


Tungsten is a metal that is getting appeal in males’s wedding event rings due to the fact that it is understood for its strength and toughness. Tungsten metal is ranked at about a 9 on the Mohs scale of solidity, which determines a products resistance to surface area scratching. Tungsten is likewise among the couple of metals that is certainly water resistant and can sustain water and damp environments without staining. Because tungsten is so long lasting, its cleansing and care regimen is reasonably easy:

  1. Prepare a cleansing service by blending warm water with a couple of drops of home cleaning agent.
  2. Scrub the ring while in the service which a soft bristled tooth brush and a fabric to eliminate dirt.
  3. Rinse the soap service from the ring under water and dry with a fabric.


Meteorite is a special iron-based product that does finest with a little additional care. Our jewelry experts have actually used a protective layer over the meteorite in our meteorite rings in order to secure them from wetness. However, overtime due to natural wear and tear, that protective layer can deteriorate and make the piece prone to rusting. Therefore, we recommend treating your meteorite ring with additional care and attention:

  • Keep your meteorite ring far from wetness. We suggest eliminating your ring when doing meals, swimming, bathing, cleaning your hands, or any other activity where the ring will be exposed to water.
  • When not using your ring, shop it in an air-tight container to prevent any wetness and dust accumulation. Like with silver, a silica gel pack or piece of chalk can assist soak up wetness in your container.
  • Avoid direct exposure to extreme chemicals, like hairspray, comprise, or body cream.

To aid avoid rusting, we suggest waxing or oiling your meteorite ring regularly. If you do see rusting, you can attempt among the cleansing techniques listed below:

CleaningMethod 1: Soak the Ring in Alcohol

  1. Soak the meteorite ring in a little bowl of rubbing alcohol. Although a liquid, rubbing alcohol will really dry any wetness. Soak for 30 minutes, carefully scrubbing the meteorite with a tooth brush occasionally.
  2. Allow the ring to dry on a paper towel or fabric and after that air dry for a minimum of 20 minutes. You do not need to clean it off as the alcohol will vaporize by itself.
  3. Finally, seal the meteorite with oil. Apply a percentage of gunmetal oil to a dry tooth brush and scrub the meteorite carefully. Wipe off excess oil with a tidy, dry paper towel or fabric.

CleaningMethod 2: Use a Lubricant like WD-40

  1. Spray a thin layer of WD-40 on a soft fabric or utilize a jewelry polishing fabric and clean your ring completely with the fabric.
  2. Use a soft-bristled tooth brush and carefully scrub where the ring has rust.
  3. Leave a minor residue of the WD-40/Jewelry polishing fabric and let it soak up into the ring over night.
  4. After letting it sit overnight, rub the meteorite with a thin layer of ring wax to assist coat the ring.


Tantalum is maybe the most long lasting of all males’s wedding event band products. Tantalum will never ever taint or rust, making it perfect for those that frequently deal with their hands or extreme chemicals. It is likewise extremely resistant to surface area scratching and unbreakable. With daily wear, tantalum can acquire a patina or matte look. Many individuals discover the patina surface preferable, however you likewise have the alternative of having your jewelry expertly rubbed to return it to its intense radiance. Note that if tantalum enters into contact with hydrofluoric acid, it can begin to rust. Follow the listed below at-home cleansing regimen to look after your tantalum piece:

  1. Prepare a cleansing service by blending soap and warm water.
  2. Soak the piece in the service for 20-30 minutes. Use a soft bristled tooth brush or a fabric to eliminate pesky dirt.
  3. Rinse off soap with water and dry with a soft, tidy towel.
  4. If you want to eliminate scratches from your tantalum jewelry, you can utilize either a nylon pad or a cream metal polish. Rub the polish in with a fabric and wash with water.


Interested in finding out more or scheduling a jewelry cleansing with an expert? We suggest making a consultation at one of our display rooms to get a customized assessment! You can schedule a consultation at the display room nearby you straight on our site here: OurShowrooms