Canadian Fashion Champion Susan Langdon Given the Order of Canada

“I believe in Canadian fashion.”


Canadianfashion champ Susan Langdon has actually been granted the Order of Canada, among the nation’s greatest honours. According to a news release from the guv basic, Langdon, who is the executive director of TorontoFashion Incubator (TFI), got the award for “her contributions to the fashion market as an executive, coach and teacher who has actually favorably affected Canada’sculture and economy.”

Langdon has actually devoted her life to mentoring and supporting Canadian designers, consisting of a few of the most significant names in Canadian fashion, like DavidDixon (She was chosen for the Order by Jennifer Ger, creator of Foxy Originals jewellery, another among her mentees.) “I believe in Canadian fashion,” statesLangdon “I buy it and I pay full price for it. I tell people that if it’s made-in-Canada, it’s ethically made and high-quality. The designs are world caliber.”

As a previous designer herself, Langdon established relationships with retail purchasers both in Canada and globally, and leverages her experience to offer others a foot in the door. “It really gives me that very unique perspective because I’ve been there, I’ve done it,” she states. “I know what designers need to survive and to succeed.”

Some of the obstacles Langdon assists Canadian fashion designers browse are raising capital, entering stores and discovering devoted customers who want to pay more for quality, in your area made products. “There are very few angel investors and financial backers in Canada who are willing to put money behind a fashion business,” statesLangdon “If you had $2 million right now to invest, where would you put it to yield the greatest return in five years? Between people investing in Toronto tech and Toronto real estate, what’s left for fashion entrepreneurs?”

Since2018, Langdon has actually hosted an occasion linking Canadian designers with prominent British sellers, like Harrods and Selfridges, at Canada House throughout London FashionWeek One current, pre-pandemic occasion saw Montreal denim business YogaJeans get an order for ₤ 20,000– a substantial entry order for an independent brand name.

“People are curious about Canadian fashion,” she states of the occasion’s success. “They have actually heard advantages about Canadian style, and the royals using Canadian assisted press it into the spotlight. I can’t inform you the number of guests stated to me later on, ‘Wow, I had no idea you had this scope of talent in Canada. I’ m actually pleased.'”

Langdon is a Toronto- born, third-generationCanadian Members of her Japanese Canadian household were positioned in detainee of war internment camps in British Columbia throughout World War II; her moms and dads, she states, felt embarrassed to be identified “enemies of Canada.” For her to get the award, states Langdon, is “truly a dream come true.”

“My mother told me about the Order of Canada when I was a kid, and I could just see the pride in her eyes as she was telling me about the amazing new honour Canada had created. In the back of my mind, I always thought what an honour that would be to make my mother so proud of me.”(Because of pandemic limitations, Langdon has actually been not able to see her mom, who resides in a long-term-care house, to share the news.)

TheOrder of Canada event, where receivers are officially granted by the guv basic, is on hold due to the pandemic, however will be held when it’s safe to do so. When asked who she’ll be using when she gets the award, Langdon chuckles: “Canadian.”