Buzzy Beauty Ingredient of the Moment: Avocado Oil

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Photo: David McNew/GettyImages

“Avocado oil has numerous skin benefits from its bioactive molecules, including vitamin C, vitamin E, folate and fatty acids,” statesDr Tanuj Nakra, a skin doctor and the co-founder of AvyaSkincare Vitamins C and E are anti-oxidants “capable of reversing ongoing daily DNA damage to the skin,”Dr Nakra describes. In layperson’s terms, they assist safeguard skin from the impacts of complimentary radicals (particles produced by ecological contamination), which can consist of great lines, dullness, swelling and early aging. By including an item with avocado oil to your day-to-day skin-care regimen, you can assist keep your face devoid of free-radical damage– and in turn, glow-y and young-looking.