Brandon Maxwell Tries His Hand at Menswear for Spring 2020

brandon maxwell spring 2020

For anybody whose origins lie someplace in the heart of American football nation– situated from the South to the Midwest– the setting for BrandonMaxwell‘s Spring 2020 reveal on Saturday night definitely felt familiar. From the metal bleachers lining the runway to the (multiple-use!) solo cups, it resembled going into a time warp to Friday nights invested cheering on your regional group. (Well, practically: My high school concession stand didn’t bring ShakeShack Maxwell’s variation did.)

TheTexan native likes to offer nods to his roots, and this season was no exception. Televisions behind the bar played house videos of Maxwell as a kid and the music varied from ’80 s classics to ’90 s pop hits. But what the designer does finest is make the individual feel universal– and the design staples of his previous feel modern-day.

Take, for instance, Maxwell’s spin on traditional football mommy dressing: easy denims, dress shirts and sweatshirts. By making tweaks occasionally– upsetting the jeans and serving it up in large shapes, blending in leathers and silks, cinching sports jackets with contrasting belts– it made the easy feel superb. The going-out top, that staple of millennial closets in the early aughts, picks up the Brandon Maxwell method slinky silk coupled with denims and a bejeweled belt. Seersucker stripes get a turn at eveningwear in a lavish ballgown.