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Getting engaged is perhaps among the most crucial and emotional minutes in life. Bending down on one knee to ask your individual for permanently is aggravating all by itself. Add the pressure of preparing the best proposition, and a great deal of tension can originate from something that must bring absolutely nothing however happiness and enjoyment to your life. That’s why we began our New York City proposition series on the Lauren B Instagram page. Being based in the city, we have many gorgeous proposition areas in our yard, and we wish to assist make this procedure as smooth for you as possible.


We began the proposition series in April with a proposition video done on the top of the Viceroy Hotel in midtownManhattan This area has lots of stunning views examining the city and main park.

CentralPark: Conservatory Water

Our next drop in the New York City proposition series takes us into the park itself at the ConservatoryWater While the Viceroy Hotel provides an incredible birds-eye view of the park and the city lights, there is something romantic about a proposition in the park. The peaceful water, green yard, flowering trees and high-rise buildings in the background produce the most gorgeous place.

CentralPark: Bow Bridge

The park provides a large choice of gorgeous proposition backgrounds. If the Conservatory Water isn’t it for you, the Bow Bridge may be. Located around 74 th street and the middle of the east and west sides of the park, you can’t fail with proposing in this gorgeous area.

TheMetropolitan Museum of Art

Another gorgeous alternative is simply a couple of actions beyond the park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a stunning, landmark with its water fountains, renowned stairs and a world of historic art inside. A proposition here can be commemorated on the roof garden.

GrandCentral Terminal

For anybody seeking to propose inside, Grand Central Terminal is a terrific option. The well known train station has lots of sensational architecture and prime lighting. While we do not suggest this place at heavy traffic if you are open to a public proposition, one here any other time of the day would be gorgeous and unforgettable.

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