Bejewel your flooring with a gems carpet

Do you have a gems carpet in your home, my beloveds? Because I do not … and now that I understand that these charms exist, that seems like a substantial issue. Don’ t our houses should have accessory, too?

One of the dangers of being a jewelry fan is that it can take control of your entire life’s visual. You wind up desiring a sparkly phone case, you own a diamond-shaped ice mold, and it’s never ever adequate: you understand there are more locations you might embellish with gem themes and you desire them allll.

Did I state danger? I indicated advantage. Upgrading your daily visuals to consist of gems and jewelry themes will just make you better and your house more gorgeous. At least, that’s how my diamond-shaped ice molds and I see it.

I love these gem rugs from Wear the House

Wear the House is a new-to-me brand name that I just recently found through social networks. I was scrolling when a gems carpet occurred throughout my feed and I immedicably required to understand more. Their intense colors beautifully geometry, and splendidly playfulness recorded my heart.

Just take a look at them! Why do not I currently have a path of gems leading into my home from my front door?

I want a gemstone rug! These three gem rugs are by Wear the House.

EachWear the House gems carpet is made from 100% New Zealand wool, hand-tufted by craftsmens. They are available in a range of colors, from pastel to dynamic to multicolor, and they can be personized with custom-made text throughout the gem too. (Wouldn’ t that be definitely best for a jewelry shop’s decoration?)

Prices for these ravishing gems carpets begin around $250, so they’re waaayyyyyyy more affordable than covering your flooring in real gems. Probably much softer on the footsies, too.

A beautiful purple pear shaped gemstone rug from Wear the House

So there you have it! Who else is now in love with Wear the House’s work and imagining which gems carpet you wish to contribute to your own home?

I absolutely have a couple of favorites currently. I believe the DitL workplace might simply remain in for a design revitalize in the future.

A lineup of gemstone rugs from Wear the House

Images c/o Wear theHouse