BANGING BETTIE BANGS – Vintage Life Magazine

Bettie Bangs are one of the vintage hair world’s most iconic and popular styles – the fabulous Bettie Page inspires this precision fringe cut style.Often referred to as “The Queen of Pinups,” Bettie Page had a unique look with her jet-black hair, provocative dress and unique pin-up style that was somewhat controversial during the peak of her fame in the 1950s. Bettie Page’s bangs were often worn blunt cut and fairly long, however nowadays, Bettie Bangs have evolved into many shapes, lengths and styles.

For some, a Bettie Bang is a cautious style to opt for, however, with a little styling each day they can be your biggest vintage hair asset, transforming your everyday style into something to shout about. Bettie Bangs are worn in many different ways these days, from longer blunt cut bangs to very sculptured styles such as a micro fringe, scooped Bettie Bang or pointed fringe. We’re often asked for advice on daily styling tips for this iconic look at Russell and Brown’s Vintage Salon, so I’ve decided to take another look at this classic of the vintage hair world and offer up my top tips for keeping your Bettie Bangs on point!


Top tips for the perfect Bettie Bangs:

Choose the right Bangs for you! Not all Bettie Bang styles are for all people. Before getting your Bettie Bangs cut in, consider your hair type as well as your motivation to put in styling time each morning. Ideal hair for Bettie Bangs would be fairly think smooth hair. Those of you lucky to have this type of hair can opt for most styles of Bettie Bang. However, if you have curly or wavy hair, you may want to opt for longer sitting bangs that you’re able to blow dry or smooth over with hair straighteners each morning.

Blow-drying your Bangs. As mentioned above, Bettie Bangs do take some daily upkeep. When blow-drying your bangs, use the heat of the dryer to blast the Bangs forward without a brush. This will help to smooth the bangs out and sit the bangs flat on the root much easier than if you blow-dry your Bangs up or forward with a round brush. If you want a particularly polished look, you can use some mini-straighteners to further smooth over your Bangs and add a bevel. If you have very thick hair, try sectioning your bangs into two horizontal sections and style one section at a time to ensure you’re smooth all the way through.

Choose the right products to set and finish. If you have particularly frizzy hair but love the look of smooth and sleek Bettie Bangs, try using a little light hold pomade to remove any flyaways. Our favourite at Russell and Brown’s Vintage Salon is the Lady Luck Brand pomade that is a little harder than others on the market, meaning it lasts much longer and ensures you don’t overload your hair with product. To finish, make sure you use a quality strong hold hair spray to set the Bangs in place. Quality hair sprays tend to have a brush out quality, which doesn’t overload the hair whilst still giving the hold and shine you want. Our favourite for this is the Photo Finisher hairspray by Revlon Professional.

Words by Carl Brown of Russell and Browns