“If the bubbles contain a misconception, as they always do, then it can’t be maintained forever.”– George Soros

JewelleryLovers! Do you ever seem like you are residing in a bubble? I ’ m on an objective to break that bubble and bust the jewellery misconceptions we have actually all pertained to think! The jewellery world can be hard to browse for unskilled jewellery customers, making notified purchase choices challenging, specifically when it concerns paying a reasonable jewelry cost. Luckily, I am here to assist and offer you important guidance as a GIA-trained gemologist and jewellery market editor with a 10 years’ experience! So keep reading to check out 7 typical jewellery mistaken beliefs and discover something brand-new about the jewellery market.


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I think that the reasonable market price of jewellery can not be evaluated exclusively based upon the raw products. Yet in some nations, it is still a typical practice to pay the cost per weight of a gem, while disregarding the worth of the artisanal craft. Michelangelo’s sculptures are not valued for the marble he utilized, they are valued for his skill in workmanship. I think the exact same holds true for great and high designer jewellery. It is a masterpiece and need to be valued as such. Over the years, these artworks just maintain their worth, regardless of variations in the gold and gemstone/diamond market.

“Design and designer jewellery is still judged by something that ought to be just one element of it.”– Stephen Webster


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I feel we are caught in the substantial bubble produced by the lab-grown diamond market. With โ€˜sustainability, โ€˜eco-โ€™, and โ€˜environmentally-friendlyโ€™ ending up being progressively fashionable words, we typically forget to reality check perhaps deceptive marketing declares that artificial diamonds are much better for the environment. The ecological effect of lab-grown diamonds mainly depends upon the production procedure, as couple of business utilize renewable resource to power the labs. Some count on coal-fired energy! So what can we do as jewellery customers to make environment-friendly options? Stay notified and ask concerns! In a perfect world of GEMOLOGUE, I am expecting more openness from artificial diamond manufacturers about the energy-intensive procedure of manufactured diamonds for both their direct customers (jewellery brand names), and us jewellery customers. Unfortunately, we exist with just the lovely side of laboratory grown diamonds advantages.

To choose on your own whether you need to purchase laboratory grown diamonds, and whether manufactured diamonds are great, read my post about the distinction in between artificial vs. natural diamonds


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When I began my Gemmology course at GIA New York City 10 years earlier, I was truly shocked to find the number of gems have really gone through unique treatments to boost their colour or clearness! From heating of sapphires and irradiation of topaz to oil fracture filling of emeralds, it is very important for jewellery customers to be familiar with how their gems have actually been improved. There ’ s absolutely nothing to stress over, as much of these treatments have actually been around because ancient times and are a regular practice. But being notified about the methods our gems have actually been improved is to understand the genuine jewelry stone worth and manage them with care! If you are unsure, I recommend to take your gems off while cleansing and cleaning and attempt not to bring them near heat and hot surface areas.


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Pearls are among my preferred gems, due to the fact that they are produced by living sea animals! Yet, there are many various pearl types, rates and structures which can be deceiving for jewellery fans. I am here to assist you select the ideal pearl!

Natural pearls are extremely unusual and costly ( store in Bahrain) due to the fact that they ’ re formed when an irritant inadvertently enters of a mollusk. Before cultured pearls were produced in the 1900 s, just the abundant and popular might manage genuine pearls!

Cultured kinds of pearls are a human development, as they are formed when the seed is put inside an oyster to form a layer of nacre around it. This is likewise called pearl surgical treatment! I recommend learning more about the distinction in between cultured saltwater kinds of pearls (my favourite) from Akoya, Tahiti, and the area of the South Seas and freshwater pearls. For circumstances, saltwater pearls are better due to the fact that they are grown in bays, inlets and atolls. Each mollusk produces a couple of pearls. Freshwater pearls are grown primarily in China in manufactured lakes and tanks. Each mollusk produces approximately 40 pearls! Now you understand why, if a gem is referred to as a โ€˜cultured pearlโ€™, it is probably a cultured, freshwater pearl and less important.

You can discover various pearl jewelry types online, however even if the descriptions calls it a โ€˜pearlโ€™ does not suggest it’s the genuine offer. It can be anything! Like replica pearls, which centuries earlier were made from glass and more just recently, from plastic, crushed shell and crystal: Swarovski pearls, Majorica pearls, South Sea Shell pearls. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with them. Even Chanel herself was taken in by their beauty and used them with pride. But it is very important to understand what you’re spending for! My finest guidance, as constantly, is to ask numerous, numerous concerns!


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One of the most typical mistaken beliefs about jewelry is that gold is available in various colours. When we think about the colour of gold, we see a brilliant yellow color, which is the only colour of pure gold. Other colours of gold we understand in truth are metal alloys consisting of gold. White gold (in truth light gray) is pure gold blended with either nickel, palladium or zinc, and is generally plated with rhodium for a whiter appearance. While pink gold is typically a mix of pure gold, copper and silver to offer it a lovely rosy color (my preferred!) Even yellow gold utilized in jewellery is blended with other metals, due to the fact that pure gold is too soft to firmly hold our valuable gems and is not as resilient as an alloy.

This is why the gold fineness step was created. It shows the pureness of gold based upon karats, with 24 k gold being the purest type. It has 99.9% percent of gold metal, whereas, 18 k gold is 75% pure gold, 14 k is 58.5% pure gold. It is very important to keep this scale in mind when buying gold as it considerably impacts jewellery worth and care. And never ever succumb to โ€˜24k gold platingโ€™ in fine jewelry! It simply indicates silver or any other base metal has actually been dipped in an extremely thin layer of gold, which will absolutely wear away with time.


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The worth of a diamond is not always evaluated by its size or carat weight. In truth, there are 4 similarly essential aspects: carat, clearness, colour, and cut. Together they make the 4Cs of diamond category. The cut identifies how sparkly your diamond is when light shines through it. Clarity informs you if a diamond has natural birthmarks, likewise referred to as additions and imperfections. The better it is to perfect, the more light can travel through it. Even a minor tip of colour can impact the worth of a colourless diamond. Fancy coloured diamonds are another story. Their worth grows with their colour!

Every single diamond is distinct and has its own distinct mix of 4Cs, each identifying its worth. I recommend you select a qualified diamond. It is so terrific to have the certificate system so you understand your jewelry has reasonable market price. It likewise assists you to comprehend how to select YOUR best diamond and remain within your budget plan. It likewise brings more openness into diamond shopping, which is not constantly the case with other gems.

Learn whatever you require to understand about diamonds.


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In truth, Generation Z (aged 9 to 24 today) are less most likely to think about purchasing jewelry, when they have limitless options of other high-end items and experiences that currently follow their worths of sustainability, variety and liberty.

AsRenildeVervoort of Sassi Fine Jewellery observed: “A nice handbag, a designer coatโ€ฆ all of these will eventually become less attractive, outdated and used. Jewellery, however, is here to stay.” I concur, however Generation Z requires more than that. They require cost and supply chain openness to be able to make accountable, environment-friendly options, which is more vital to them than to any other generation prior to. We all require to adjust to their requirements much faster with more flexibly than ever … and it appears to me, we are on the ideal track!

“Jewellery brands are not old-school traditional jewellers anymore. They want to connect with real people, not just in glossy magazines with photoshopped ads, they want to be part of the new scene and the people who desire uniqueness and creativity.”– Charlotte Mobjerg of TheJewellery Room

Thanks for dropping in! What other mistaken beliefs have you become aware of jewellery or gems?Please let me understand in the remarks down listed below!


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I am incredibly delighted to reveal that my brand-new jewelry book– GEMOLOGUE: Street Jewellery Styles & &(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Tips(******************************* )– is now onAmazon I’m so ecstatic. It’s the very first book of its kind exclusively committed to jewellery.

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