Are Opal Engagement Rings Bad Luck? Yes and No

It’s regrettable that a lot of individuals think that it’s bad luck to use opal. This gems is among the most optically excellent on the marketplace, however misconceptions and false information have actually offered it a seasoned history.

Are opal engagement rings back luck? Is it misfortune to purchase yourself an opal? Is it misfortune to use opal if it’s not your birthstone? The uncertain ask about this gems are discouraging.

With that stated, there is a genuine factor a lot of these concerns established. In reality, opals are very delicate by nature. So long as you inform yourself and take the appropriate care, you’ll discover that opals can provide a lot more happiness than they do misery.


For centuries, opal was revered for its unmatchable beauty and recovery powers. However, opal history has actually likewise been afflicted with curses that have numerous origins. Some typical unfavorable beliefs about opals consist of:

  • It’s misfortune to use an opal unless it’s your birthstone. Opal is the birthstone of October.
  • You must never ever purchase an opal on your own. It must just be offered as a present.
  • Some think that you ought to just purchase opals on your own and never ever provide as a present.
  • An opal will lose its radiance after the initial owner dies.
  • If an opal engagement ring is bought, the bride-to-be will end up being a widow in a brief time.
  • It’s misfortune to use an opal. Period.

Debunking the Myth

A great deal of opal folklore ought to be taken with a grain of salt. Some think that envious diamond traders of the 19 th and 20 th centuries began these reports as a method to offer more diamonds.

It’s likewise most likely that some individuals have actually had disappointments with opals. However, this might be due to an absence of appropriate care and not some overarching curse.

WhyOpals Require Special Care

Every gems has a firmness that is ranked on the Mohs Scale ofHardness The solidity of a stone plays into how long lasting a gems is and how it will hold up to daily wear.

Opals rank 5.5– 6.5 on the MohsScale The hardest compound on the scale is a diamond that ranks at a10 Opals are quickly scratched, broke and harmed by any compound that is greater up on the scale. Therefore, this suggests that diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and even some glass can harm opals.

Given the magnificent nature of the gems, it deserves taking the safety measures required to preserve the life of the stone. Over the years, jewelry experts have actually found out much better methods to protect the stone through the cutting and setting procedure.

OpalEngagement Ring Tips

The jury is still out on whether opals make much better engagement rings than other options. A lot depends upon the user and how difficult they are on their rings. If you wish to gamble on an opal engagement ring, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing treasure. However, think about the following opal care guidance:

  • Take your ring off when handling liquids.
  • Be cautious not to bang the ring on difficult surface areas.
  • Store the engagement ring far from diamonds and other more difficult gems. These stones might scratch the opal’s surface area.
  • Do not oversleep an opal engagement ring.
  • Consider just using the ring on unique celebrations.
  • Avoid activities like gardening, home cleansing, sports, etc, while using an opal ring.

Did this opal superstitious notion guide assistance you choose if an opal engagement ring is an excellent option for you? If the response is yes, have a look at a few of our leading options listed below.

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