Apparently, This Is The Ideal Time To Wait Before Getting Engaged

Apparently, This Is The Ideal Time To Wait Before Getting Engaged
Apparently, This Is The Ideal Time To Wait Before Getting Engaged

Some of you might be preparing a wedding event earlier than you believed …

There’s no set guideline for the length of time couples must wait prior to getting engaged. And why should there be? We’re all various.

Some swear by the ‘when you know, you know’ school of idea, while others choose to date for a lot longer prior to making a severe dedication.

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But according to brand-new research study from jewellery professionals F.Hinds, there really might be an ideal time to wait. And that is … 1 year 8 months and 3 days.

Very exact, eh?


They worked this out by taking a look at proposition expectations throughout the UK, along with the quickest, slowest and ‘pushiest’ cities.

It appears the more youthful generation remain in no rush to put a ring on it compared to their older peers, with a strong connection in between age and length of relationship. Less than 1 in 10 under 35 s stated they would wish to be engaged within a year of conference, compared to 1 in 3 over 65 s.

And while under 24 s wait on typical 2 years 2 months to state ‘I do’, over 65 s choose to wed within simply 16 months of conference.

Belfast is the quickest city to get engaged, with 44% of individuals getting down on one knee within a year of conference (compared to simply 4% in Nottingham). London was at the other end of the scale, with 1 in 3 individuals choosing to wait more than 4 years.

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For those desiring their partner to rush and ask, you aren’t alone. 42% of Brits confess to frequently dropping marital relationship tips to their partner, with the more youthful generation (25-34 s) the most likely (50%).

Wales came out as the ‘pushiest’, with ladies almost two times as most likely (41%) to frequently drop tips than those living in Scotland (23%).

Hmm While this is all extremely fascinating, we’re not recommending that those in Belfast rush out and purchase a ring in a panic. Because as we stated, each couple is various– and some never ever wish to wed at all.

But for those who’ve remained in a relationship for 1 year 8 months … perhaps be prepared?