Apparently, Prince Harry was so stressed out about his wedding event that he needed to have acupuncture

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  • Another day, another discovery in the continuous royal rift in between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the larger Royal Family.

    Yes, regardless of stepping down from their senior royal functions, and switching Frogmore Cottage for special California enclave Montecito, Harry and Meghan are still all anybody can discuss here in the UK– from their very first main joint publication cover, to their whistle-stop trip of New York City previously this month.

    Though their now-infamous Oprah interview definitely cleaned up some speculation over why the couple chose to switch Frogmore Cottage for Montecito, speculation has actually been plentiful over just what took place in the months leading up to their remarkable exit.

    And regardless of numerous theories and expert source claims, all roadways appear to lead back to the occasions prior to Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding event.

    Case in point: brand-new claims that Harry was so stressed out over royal squabbles ahead of his special day that he needed to have acupuncture to remain calm.

    New chapters in Andrew Morton’s unauthorised bio, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, declare that Harry was “overwrought” by occasions leading up to his wedding event, consisting of the drama surrounding that wedding event tiara mess

    Just to bring you up to speed ICYMI, Meghan was supposedly declined the initial tiara she desired, and rather strolled down the aisle in the sensational 1932 art deco Queen Mary bandeau tiara.(Not a bad compromise, if you ask us.)

    But according to Morton, Meghan didn’t simply need to go for the tiara she didn’t initially desire, however she could not access it for a hair fitting with her stylist prior to the special day, either.

    “The prince, who required acupuncture to remain calm in the run-up to the wedding event, was overwrought when the picked tiara might not be made immediately offered for Meghan’s hair stylist SergeNormant, who had actually flown from New York to deal with the hair fitting,” the biographer composes, per TheMirror.

    “TheQueen’s powerful cabinet Angela Kelly, who is the guardian of the Queen’s jewellery, is stated to have actually notified the irritated prince that specific security procedures needed to be abided by in order to access the valuable piece.

    “A source revealed that he was told: ‘They’re kept under very tight lock and key. You can’t turn up and demand to have the tiara just because your hairdresser happens to be in town.’ Harry would have none of it, telling anyone who would listen: ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.’ His ringing phrase did her no favours.”


    The upgraded variation of Morton’s book comes as PrinceHarry prepares to launch his own narrative next year, which will ideally information his side of the story. And though we’ll most likely never ever understand precisely what took place in concerns to the wedding event tiara drama, what with a lot of various accounts originating from a lot of various sides, we can all securely concur that Meghan looked extraordinary on her special day.