antique jewelry that collectors like.

If you invest much time on antique jewelry Instagram, you have actually currently seen GemBank1973’s posts. They’re constantly sharing gorgeous jewelry close-ups and distinctive themed group shots.

But have you ever took a look at their online shop? Because I had not till recently, and it absolutely blew me away.

A selection of antique and vintage turquoise rings from family-owned antique jewelry dealer GemBank1973

I understood from Instagram that GemBank1973 had terrific antique jewelry, however I didn’t recognize that they were a family-owned organization that has actually concentrated on jewelry for 3 generations. That’s some severe history, the sort of background that brings connections and understanding. They’re likewise a recognized member of LAPADA, an extremely well-respected UK Association for knowledgeable antiquarians.

And, obviously, there was the jewelry itself! There were many things that captured my eye on GemBank1793’s site that we’re going to take a look at classifications of jewelry instead of specific pieces.

Let’s start with an individual favorite: chains.

Antique chains from family-owned antique jewelry dealer GemBank1973.


As any severe antique jewelry enthusiast will inform you, chains are a vital part of a jewelry collection. They’re gorgeous by themselves, with their carefully wrought links of old gold, platinum, or silver, however they likewise enable us to use beauties, pendants, brooches, and more in many enjoyable methods.

GemBank1973’s chain area includes over 100 chains, varying from fragile chokers to durable trombone links and adequate longuards. If you’re on a spending plan, they likewise have a devoted page for chains under ₤500


Is there anything more whimsical than a gem that advises us of the paradises? These twinkling star and moon appeals are romantic and classic, whimsical styles that dreamers of any age can value.

GemBank1973 has a devoted page for celestial jewelry, which is something I do not believe I have actually ever seen prior to! Click through and you’ll discover gleaming starbursts and crescent moons from the past 200-300 years.

A selection of antique and vintage charms from family-owned antique jewelry dealer GemBank1973.


GemBank1973’s robust beauty area uses a fantastic range of these wonderful little treasures in all shapes and designs. Most are around $150, however there are a couple of under $100

I believe my favorite of this batch is the little mouse with the articulated tail. Or possibly the skier with the pearl head? But I likewise like the child sputnik which teeny small corkscrew.

A selection of antique and vintage rings from family-owned antique jewelry dealer GemBank1973.


GemBank1973 has many rings for sale that they have actually divided their ring pages into fourteen specific classifications. Yes, you heard me: fourteen pages of rings.

There’s Blues, Greens, Opals, Signets, BlackEnamel + Hair, and Purple + Multigem, simply among others. Each classification has lots of rings, varying from the Georgian age to more modern vintage and striking a vast array of rate points.

Yes, I understand you wish to click over and take a look at all the rings instantly. It’s fine, the rest of this post will be here when you return.

AntiqueJewelry under $1,000

And lastly, GemBank1973 stands out at discovering amazing, collectible antique jewelry that’s under $1,000 It’s noteworthy to discover a jewelry dealership who pays a lot attention to this low-to-mid-range rate point, which is where many people collectors are most comfy.

All of the pieces in the above slideshow will set you back less than $1,000, and yes, I did do some mathematics to ensure (under the existing GBP/USD currency exchange rate).

I need to admit: I didn’t reveal you all of the jewelry that I like at Gembank1973, due to the fact that I still have 3 tabs open on my computer system with pieces that I am thinking about purchasing for myself. I can’t provide you a much greater suggestion than that.

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