Aesop Celebrates the 2019 DesignTO Festival With An Installation by Philip Beesley

“We selected ‘Aletheia’ because the idea behind the sculpture embodies our shared philosophies.”

Suspended from the ceiling inside Aesop‘s Queen Street West is a piece of art work entitled Aletheia by Toronto- based designer PhilipBeesley It’s there to honor DesignTO, Canada’s biggest cultural event of style, now in its ninth year. Beesley will be in-store later on this night to provide his production, which likewise just recently appeared in “TransformingSpace,” a double exhibit accepted fashion designer Iris van Herpen at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum this previous summer season.

Known for its sustainable shop styles and plant-based skin care, Aesop has a history of supporting regional artists, typically getting in touch with designers and designers in the styles of their retail areas. “It is always a pleasure to showcase likeminded creative spirits within our spaces. We found a natural kinship with Philip Beesley—we recently launched this year’s Gift Kits, ‘Atlas of Attraction,’ a shared effort with mutual collaborator, Iris van Herpen,” stated Marsha Meredith, Aesop’s innovative director in a news release. The piece imitates the shape of a head’s bone developments laid out by a thin membrane that movements in action to its environment. It likewise includes a round meshwork of spinal columns, leaves, and glasswork.


Beesley, who belongs of the WaterlooArchitecture and Living Architecture Systems Group, drew his motivation for Aletheia from a viewpoint of deep interconnectedness. “I love the sense that these interwoven, intermeshed forms might also support a kind of collective consciousness,” statesBeesley “Perhaps the hovering sphere of Aletheia’s form might act as a kind of thinking skin for the earth.”

You can see Beesley’s art work at Aesop Queen S treet West up untilJan 27