A Guide to Trellis Engagement Rings and Settings

What is a ‘Trellis’ setting?

A trellis setting supplies a structure and assistance for gems, generally discovered in engagement ring styles. Some trellis settings overlap, while others join at the base of the setting to increase and support either diamonds, gems or both.

Trellis design settings appear in solitaire, 3 stone and several gems ring styles.

Solitaire trellis settings make a popular option to conventional Tiffany- design settings It has actually ended up being a popular style for solitaire engagement rings, developed for lots of diamond shapes. One of the initial leaders for this style was the Lucida engagement ring from Tiffany and Co.

Pippa represents the ideal trellis setting for a solitaire diamond.

Pippa trellis style solitaire engagement ring

Princess cut trellis settings

TheLucia engagement ring is a Princess trellis setting. Sweeping claws cross to form the basis of this basic style. You will keep in mind that the majority of trellis engagement rings consist of a little bar of metal bridging the claws. This under-bezel includes assistance. This makes sure claws do not flex needlessly. Rigidity provides higher security to the diamond.

If you choose no under-bezel then anticipate much heavier claws for higher strength. This can be seen in the Antonia engagement ring style It has a totally open setting to expose the side of the diamond.

TheLucia ring style improves the trellis style for a square diamond

Lucia engagement ring with trellis setting

Three stone trellis engagement rings

Perhaps your mission is for a single stone ( likewise described as solitaire) or a three-stone trellis setting. Or, perhaps even a 5 stone trellis design. There are a lot of designs readily available supporting a vast array of diamond sizes. For example, the Brooklyn 3-stone Trellis setting is popular for those individuals looking for a Trilogy ring style.

Brooklyn includes a Trilogy style with a trellis woven setting.

Brooklyn trellis setting with three stone design

5 stone trellis engagement ring settings

Very couple of trellis settings measure up to the Cersei 5 stone trellis ring style. This special trellis engagement ring setting graduates diamond sizes from the centre stone to the external diamonds. In truth, each claw crosses the next with significantbeauty The last single claw above each tapering shoulder draws the eye to the tiniest diamond. As an outcome, the ring makes an amazing declaration. In truth, the Cersei style is among my individual preferred designs readily available in a vast array of alternatives.

TheCersei 5-stone finished ring includes a finished set of diamonds above a trellis setting.

Cersei - 5 stone graduated diamond ring with trellis setting
Photograph of the Cersei engagement ring with 5 finishing diamonds held within a trellis setting.

Bespoke trellis settings for engagement rings

On lots of events, we develop, craft and produce bespoke ring styles for a range of gems. Trellis creates work efficiently for single-stone rings and for multi-stone ring styles.

In the copying, we produced a distinct trellis setting with a supporting structure of Platinum claws. At the heart of this ring, a 2.71 carat blue sapphire sticks out above 0.60 carats of shimmering white round brilliant-cut diamonds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx -3 HF5NCgg


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