A Guide to April Birthstone

What is the Birthstone for April?

Firstly, the Birthstone that represents April is theDiamond Symbolising long lasting love. Also believed to bring nerve to the user. A diamond is the greatest gems. Perhaps bringing strength to all those fortunate sufficient to have a diamond as their birthstone.

However,April’s birthstone should not be puzzled with Zodiac indications and varying systems in between the UK and the United States. For example, some Aries indications specify that Bloodstone is the birthstone. However, we follow standard birthstones.

History and Origin of the Diamond

TheApril birthstone began inIndia With diamonds collected from the nation’s rivers and streams. Traded as early as the 4th century BCE, diamonds were wished for by royalty and the rich. Later, caravans brought Indian diamonds, in addition to other unique product, to middle ages markets inVenice By the 1400 s, diamonds were ending up being trendy devices for Europe’s elite.

ArchdukeMaximillian of Austria provided the very first diamond engagement ring on record to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, in1477 Evidence supports the origin of the famous 45.52 carats (ct) blue Hope diamond being India’s Golconda mining location and its sale to King Louis XIV of France (then called the French Blue diamond) in 1668.

Blue hope diamond
PhotoCredit GIA


Emotional recovery homes of the diamond– thought to amplify the feelings you are feeling and serve as a mirror to your emotion. In conclusion, they will boost both the favorable and unfavorable.

They likewise bring strength, perseverance and nerve through a diamond’s solidity and ‘invincibility’ having the power to repel bad energy or fortune.

Spiritual birthstone meaning

AprilBirthstone Necklaces

The solidity of diamonds makes them the perfect gem for lots of jewellery styles. With lots of birthstone presents readily available, additionally, a diamond locket can be the best choice.

april birthstone disc necklace
Our diamond disc pendant, with the choice of personalisation readily available

Our customised lockets include a dazzling white diamond flush set onto the disc. With the extra choice to include a customised message for aBirthday

FancyShape Diamonds

In addition to our personalized lockets, we have a series of jewellery styles readily available. Including diamond lockets set with an elegant shape diamond.

Diamond shapes exist in a wide range of various expensive cuts to fit specific tastes. A variety of popular expensive shapes are revealed here. Including, the Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Oval Cut, Heart Shape, Pear Shape and the Emerald cut.

emerald pendant

For circumstances, simply one example revealed here is the unbelievable Emerald- cut pendant The easy faceting of each step-cut Diamond contrasts with each Round Brilliant’s dazzle cut Diamond on the bail.

Alternative stones

Due to Diamonds being the most long lasting, preferable gems on the planet, this is shown in the expense of an ended up diamond piece. In addition, for customers working to a specific spending plan, we have options to this preferable gem.

Lab grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds exercise to half of the expense of natural diamonds. Available upon demand, a lab-grown diamond can be set into the majority of our styles. Above all, under zoom, our lab-grown diamonds are recognized by a distinct laser engraving. Applied to the external girdle, the certificate number and referral appear.


MostApril birthstone choices are described as ‘Crystal’ due to the spending plan needed to provide a natural diamond. We just recently presented Moissanite– Their lower expense and ethical requirements make Moissanites a popular option to diamonds.

AprilBirthstone Earrings

SwarovskiCrystal produces an ideal birthstone present, set into 9ct WhiteGold These earrings likewise develop a more long lasting surface produced in white gold. Above all, they offer an excellent program of diamond. These earrings are readily available online here or in our RydeShowroom

Swarovski earrings

With a series of diamond earring creates to choose from, consisting of studs, drop or expensive shape choices. Moreover, our diamond earrings are now readily available with the peace of mind of 60- day returns. We send out each set out with a health seal connected.


Diamonds are readily available in a series of colours. Differing from the routine brightness scale that we have readily available, D-J. You can likewise discover diamonds in an elegant yellow colour. Above all, producing a distinct option for a Birthstone present.

Yellow Diamond


We get inquired about pink diamonds daily. Although they can be sourced, the cost variety for a single pink diamond begins at 10,00 0.00 The need and lustre for pink diamonds are unbelievable. This is why we constantly recommend opting for our diamond cut Pink Sapphires– providing the exact same try to find no place near the exact same expense!


Clients seldom think about black coloured diamonds. Moreover, they use an option to colourless diamonds. Creating a really distinct appearance when set next to fantastic white diamonds. Read more on Black Diamonds.

Black Diamond

Bespoke– Incorporating various birthstones.

Clients in the past have actually particularly asked for utilizing their birthstone and liked one’s birthstones in one piece. Standard styles include our SapphireEternity rings Incorporating both April birthstone and September birthstone. Precision set side by side. You can find out more about Birthstone Eternity rings.

Therefore, with a completely custom choice readily available, any style can be produced totally set with Birthstone variations. Our example of Bespoke18— Set with over 0.85 cts of qualified diamonds. Arranged in between a mix of 4 various gems, consisting of Aquamarine, Peridot, Tanzanite andAmethyst In conclusion, our customer wished to utilize all of these gems to represent her spouse’s birthstone and kids.

Bespoke birthstone design

Caring for your diamond

Diamonds naturally bring in grease and dirt. They can rapidly lose their shimmer when natural oils, dust and dirt follow the diamond. This is specifically appropriate on the underside of your diamond, where the ring sits near to the finger. However, we advise having an expert tidy and examine through us. We likewise have DiamondDazzle Stiks readily available to buy. Most notably, It includes an unique polymer that fills small scratches in settings and is created to tidy diamonds, gemstones, platinum and gold jewellery settings.

Diamond dazzle stik


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