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You picked your engagement ring and wedding event band stack, you picked your dream wedding event colors, and you picked essential wedding event components that efficiently represent you and your partner’s character. Your wedding event pictures ought to efficiently catch your wedding event design to produce a beautiful cohesion that you can appreciate in albums for the rest of your life.

four different wedding band pairing photos grid layout

You have actually devoted adequate energy and time into staging essential stylistic information of your wedding, and our company believe they ought to not go undetected.

We check out the 5 wedding event picture designs used by wedding event professional photographers in information and offer you with 4 wedding event picture ideas to assist you catch not simply the minute, however the belief and design of the minute.

Pick and Choose: Wedding Photo Styles

There are 5 main wedding event picture designs from which to pick: traditional, art, photojournalistic, way of life, and editorial. Each wedding event picture design has a load of advantages that, when coupled with the ideal wedding event visual, can function as the cherry on top of your wedding event cake.

Most wedding event professional photographers are flexible and totally efficient in catering their wedding event picture design to the bride-to-be’s stylistic choices. If you have yet to schedule a wedding event professional photographer for your wedding, you can utilize word-of-mouth recommendation or an in-depth online search to discover a professional photographer that focuses on among the following wedding event picture designs.


The“classic” wedding event photography design is classic. Chances are that your mom, your mom’s mom, and your partner’s mom have the traditional design of wedding event pictures that really stand the test of time.

If you visually choose the standard wedding event picture variety with a tip of rule, a timeless wedding event professional photographer is the very best option for you.


newly wed couple walking outside

The“fine art” wedding event picture design develops an album worthwhile of a high-traffic art museum. This design of wedding event photography records the creative point of view of your special day with an eager concentrate on information. You will frequently discover art wedding event professional photographers utilizing soft, velvety lenses that stimulate sensations of whimsy and love.


Photojournalistic wedding event photography is a design that means to record the raw feelings and genuine interactions in between the couple, the wedding event celebration, and the wedding event visitors. Wedding photojournalists enable a natural circulation to determine their shot list, mindful to catch honest minutes that produce a non-standard wedding event picture album.


The“lifestyle” wedding event picture design develops the ideal marital relationship in between the photojournalistic wedding event photography design and the editorial wedding event photography design. Think: less journalistically honest and more naturally styled. The way of life wedding event professional photographer will catch natural minutes while setting the scene for conveniently staged minutes.


newly wed couple on stairs of venue

Editorial wedding event photography is, as one would think of, extremely styled and staged to produce a collection worthwhile of a publication spread. As the most technical of all wedding event picture designs, editorial wedding event pictures are extremely detailed and pristinely staged to amp up the glamour and high-end.

WeddingPhoto Tips for Brides

As a bride, you have an overruning plate of obligations. Despite a “to-do list” a mile long, color-coordinated seating plans, an in-depth wedding event circulation, and handed over “to-do lists” for your MOH, there are a couple of things that will undoubtedly fail the fractures. Do not let your wedding event pictures be that thing!

Below are 4 wedding event picture ideas that will guarantee your wedding event pictures completely catch the belief of your wedding in addition to the real course of extremely interesting occasions.

Tip # 1: Lean on your state of mind board

Whether you depend on Pinterest for a constant feed of wedding event motivation, or you developed an old-school wedding event state of mind board with clippings from bridal and fashion publications, a wedding event state of mind board will be a helpful tool for your wedding event professional photographer.

Just as your “not so secret anymore” engagement ring state of mind board assisted direct your partner in the ideal instructions when picking your engagement ring, your wedding event state of mind board can assist to direct your professional photographer. All those sensational bride-to-be shots, the honest wedding event celebration shots, and the wedding event information shots you have actually conserved for motivation can assist your professional photographer produce a shot list that deserves your state of mind board. Imagine that!

Tip # 2: List out all devices and information you wish to catch

While it might appear ridiculous or little in contrast to, you understand, the big-ticket wedding event products like the bride-to-be, the groom, the gown, the event … Capturing crucial devices and thoughtful information in your wedding event picture shot list is the essential to recording the effort you take into preparing your special day.

Accessories typically consisted of in wedding event picture shot lists are:

    • The rings (engagement rings & & wedding event rings)
    • Wedding shoes
    • Bridal arrangement and bridesmaid arrangements
    • Bride fragrance
    • Family treasures
    • The something old, something brand-new, something obtained, and something blue
    • Bridal devices

A Note on Engagement Ring & & Wedding Ring Shots

As a jewelry business, we feel required to ensure your amazing diamonds look beautiful in every picture. You did invest days, months, or years pondering over the ideal engagement ring for your character, after all.

Before you speak to your wedding event professional photographer about an accessory shot list, address this concern: what drew you to your engagement ring? Was there a particular information that made your heart swoon? Did the mismatching engagement ring and wedding event band metal interest your fashion- forward character?

Make sure to advise your wedding event professional photographer to catch the crucial element you like about your engagement ring and wedding event band stack. If you can’t choose simply one ring information, request for several angles.

2 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Capture the stated value of this 2 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring consisting of the round diamond halo surrounding the high clearness emerald diamond.

1.20 ct Diamond Two-Tone Hidden Halo™ Engagement Ring

Have your wedding event professional photographer prop this 1.20 ct Diamond Two-ToneHidden Halo ™ Engagement Ring up versus a surface area to highlight the contrasting, two-toned metals while appreciating the concealed halo.

1.50 ct Oval Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

With elaborate band detailing like this 1.50 ct Oval Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring, a face-on shot will enable the wedding event professional photographer to catch the detailing on the face of your engagement ring.

Tip # 3: Save the very best lighting for couple pictures

If you invest simply 5 minutes on Instagram, you will observe that lighting is whatever.

That brief amount of time prior to sundown where the light records your golden blonde highlights, your skin shines in the sunshine, and your engagement ring impresses with amber shades … That, good friends, is the “golden hour.” A golden hour photoshoot can produce awesome wedding event pictures that make wedding event magic almost concrete.

newly wed couple embracing

You can (and should!) schedule your couple pictures throughout this charming hour, no matter your wedding event picture design choice. Your wedding event professional photographer has actually unquestionably photographed numerous wedding events with a large range of time restraints and is prepared to make your wedding event picture visual choices concern fulfillment.

Inform your wedding event professional photographer that you wish to take your couple pictures as near to a golden hour as possible for the very best lighting, and he/she will straighten out the shot schedule appropriately.

Tip # 4: Make usage of your place

You picked your wedding event place or wedding event place for a particular factor. Whether you constantly visualized weding your partner in a cathedral-style church or a wide-open field with a stunning background of oak and evergreen trees, there is a particular information that at first recorded your attention enough to make a downpayment.

Spend a minute and jot down a few of the information about your place or place that stand apart to you and why Share this list with your professional photographer so that they can include these information into your wedding event photoshoot to catch the real essence of your wedding event place.

AnEngagement Ring to Fit Your Personal Aesthetic

An engagement ring and wedding event band stack is a few of the only (or the only) pieces of jewelry you use routinely. Your engagement ring ought to show your character, expose a piece of your heart to the observer, and stimulate sensations of adoration and self-confidence each time you glimpse down at your hand.

AtLauren B, we remain in business of matching bride-to-bes with their permanently rings. We consider your choices, your dreams, your vision, and your individual visual as we direct you through the engagement ring and wedding event band shopping procedure. Sometimes, a bride-to-be has a distinct trigger and deep yearning to produce a custom-made wedding event ring stack; our style experts are offered to stroll you through the personalization procedure to produce a distinctive engagement ring distinct to you.

For basic concerns or particular concerns about our engagement ring and wedding event band offerings, please e-mail [email protected]