78 Wedding or Engagement Bands for Girls Who Don’t Want an Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, it’s hard not to imagine a pretty diamond nestled on a gorgeous band, right? There’s similarly a misconception that when you’re on the receiving end of such an engagement ring, the bigger, the better. Well, that’s simply not the case for every woman. Shocker! Instead of a flashy sparkler, some women would prefer an elegant band. And while certainly more understated than a beautifully set diamond or gemstone, some are just as, if not blingier than their traditional engagement ring counterparts. Eternity baguettes, anyone? More on this later.

Whether you’re one for subtlety, subscribe to a minimal style aesthetic, simply don’t have the budget for a conventional diamond ring, or you straight up don’t like bling, there’s more than enough reason to not want the expected diamond ring that most people envision. If you do still want a “normal” engagement ring, bands are the perfect backup on occasions when you choose not to wear your bigger bauble.

Obviously, we’re hardly ones to argue the appeal of a large diamond ring. However, if a band is up your alley, you have a multitude of gorgeous styles to choose from. For those who still want diamonds, offerings range from dainty to extravagant. Think: Thin bands sprinkled with tiny diamonds to timeless pavé eternity bands to incredibly brilliant and stunning baguettes in an eternity settling (talk about wowza!). Then there’s the most restrained route: A simple gold or silver band modestly unadorned. Demure, yet lovely. There’s also the alternative of going unconventional. Perhaps a contemporary two-tone band with wavy diamond pavé? Or, what about a fluid ‘tiara’ shape with a series of multi-shaped diamonds in various sizes? Super dynamic.

The most important thing to realize is that bands are just as stunning as a traditional engagement ring. It’s merely a style preference, not a compromise. Qualms about sacrificing style or beauty needn’t exist because you’re foregoing a bigger stone.

If you think a band is right for you, ahead, we culled an edit guaranteed to suit every style and budget. Get inspired!

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