7 Pro Foot-CareTips I Learned While Getting a Medical Pedicure

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“Are you a dancer? Or have you recently been on a long hiking trip?,” asks MarcelaCorrea, the creator of MediPedi NEW YORK CITY, while examining my feet with loupes. I absolutely inform her no– my feet simply appear like this. “Wait – are they bad or is something wrong?,” I ask, worried. No, she can repair it, no issue, however I simply have the feet of a senior, she delicately keeps in mind. (Um, excuse me?) I take a closer look at my feet– how frequently do we in fact examine our toes, arches and heels? Okay, yeah, there are bunions (thanks, father, for those terrible bunion genes), an uncomfortable ingrown toe nail from a current pedicure and obviously “waterlogged” skin (due to a well-intentioned routine I utilized to swear by after showering– describe tip 4 listed below).