5 Spooky Situations To Avoid While Wearing Your Ring|Jewelry Blog|Engagement Rings & Diamonds

With the hectic holiday quickly approaching we are all bound to discover ourselves in some sticky circumstances. From Halloween makeup to vacation baking – we have actually noted 5 creepy circumstances you need to stay away from to guarantee the security of ring!


During the cooler seasons our skin might require a little TLC in the type of moisturizers, creams, and masks, nevertheless our jewelry definitely does not! When fighting weather-wrecked skin, make sure to eliminate your ring! Wait till you have actually cleaned off or taken in whatever item you’re utilizing in order to guarantee absolutely nothing gets captured under or within your ring. Exfoliants can even increase the threat of scratching the metal of your ring or steering the positioning of pave-set stones, so it is best to keep your ring care and skin care different!

Cooking and Baking

Be sure to keep your ring in mind while developing your Pinterest dish boards in preparation for the elegant vacation meals ahead. For the sake of your ring and your peace of mind, do not pack the turkey or knead the Christmas cookie dough without taking your ring off very first! These delicious vacation deals with might bring shimmer to your household’s eyes nevertheless they not do anything however hinder the shimmer of your ring! Remember: baking and bling do not blend!


When it concerns skin care items, make sure to let your ring rest aside throughout your beauty regimen. Whether you’re changing your face into a full-blown sugar skull for Halloween or merely cluttering some hairspray through your daily curls, take your ring off! No makeup or hair item; your ring definitely does not require any more beauty improvement!

WorkingOut/ Sports

If you intend on striking the fitness center to burn some Halloween sweet or train for your town’s Turkey Trot, it is best to bench your bling. Lifting weights and contact sports not just raise your threat of harming your ring, however they put your security at threat too! The force and pressure of ring avulsion, which can take place if your ring gets captured or pulled on something, can harm your skin, muscle tissues, tendons, and even bones in severe cases! In conclusion – play it safe and remove your ring!


Seasonal cleansing and vacation celebration preparation are the best incentives to clean around your house. That being stated – an engagement ring is not a clever side-kick option. While dealing with cleansing items, painting, embellishing, or gardening make sure to secure your ring by saving it in a safe location. Although gloves are advised to secure our skin from damage triggered by chemicals, gloves themselves can in fact trigger damage to your ring if a prong gets captured on rubber or thread. Keeping ring meals around your house can act as a valuable pointer to remove your ring!