5 Signs Your Ring is Too Tight

Did you know that the size of your fingers can change? We’re not just talking about obvious growth as you age. In fact, your fingers can change from day to day, sometimes with noticeable differences. Why does this happen? There are a variety of factors that cause our fingers to swell, condense, and change in general. And many of these factors are things you experience on a daily basis. Things like being too hot, or too cold, working the finger by typing, and even your stress levels can change the shape and size of your fingers.

The concern is a ring that has become too small and is then left on a finger for an extended amount of time. When this happens, serious complications can occur. We’re not talking about simple finger indentation, we’re talking about slowed or stopped blood circulation. In extreme cases, doctors may need to cut your ring from your finger. That’s no fun. But how tight is TOO tight? Here are five simple tests that can help you realize that it’s time for a ring resize… or even a ring replacement.

1. The ring won’t turn.
Your ring should be able to spin on your finger with a little effort. It should be able to move in both a clockwise and a counterclockwise direction. If you can’t do this, try icing your hand for 10 minutes, and then trying again. If the skin beneath it is still stuck, your ring is too tight.

2. You can’t remove your ring.
In fact, if the ring is too tight, you may not even be able to move it upward at all. While some will argue that it doesn’t matter if you can remove the ring (after all, aren’t wedding bands for eternity?), if you can’t remove the ring, you need to resize it as soon as possible. Try icing your finger and then using lotion or olive oil to help remove the ring as soon as possible.

3. You’ve got a muffin top.
Most of us are familiar with the term- it’s the extra skin and fat that bulge over the top of our pants when they’re too small. You can do the same test with your rings. If there is a balloon of skin either above or below your ring, then just like your jeans, the ring is too small.

4. Your finger tingles.
If you can tell which finger your ring is on, based on how it feels, the ring is probably too tight for safety. Common complaints include tingling fingers, a finger that is noticeably cooler than the others, or a bluish-white skin tone on your ring finger.

5. It flat out hurts.
Maybe you don’t have finger indentation, tingly digits, or difficulty removing the ring with enough effort. But if it’s catching your attention at all, chances it’s because of a poor fit.

Armed with this knowledge, it seems kind of silly to be wearing rings made from metal, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to wear rings made from, say, silicone? Our comfortable, stylish rings are not only a smart buy, but they’ll also stretch and shrink with your finger, ensuring comfort and an ideal fit every day.

Still need help making sure you’re wearing the right ring size? Check out our ring size guide to find the perfect fit!