40 years of gems from Oliver Smith

This year marks 40 years in the jewelry biz for jewelry expert OliverSmith and he’s commemorating in the very best possible method: by launching 2 incredible brand-new collections! One is geometric with stunning diamonds in ingenious plans and the other is pure color luster with incredible many-hued stones in timeless designs.

Do you wish to see? Of course you do!

Diamond jewels of the Cairn collection by Oliver Smith

JewelerOliver Smith commemorates 40 years with stunning gems.

Here’s a taste of the CairnCollection This all-diamond collection from Oliver Smith is notable for the definitely fresh manner in which it integrates diamonds into unforeseen shapes. Each piece is a wonderful surprise, a lovely and special discovery.

An devoted outdoorsman, Oliver Smith discovered the motivation for Cairn’s unique lines while travelling along unmapped treking routes. In the designer’s own words:

When you trek unmapped routes, often the only method to find out the path is to search for the cairn markers. Whenever I remain in Switzerland for the watch fairs I go treking in Chamonix andZermatt There, the only method to find out where the course is going is by studying the existing developments. Rocks stacked on top of each other determine the course.”

There’s something so poignant about a collection motivated by the path markers that a hiker leaves to assist other complete strangers discover their method through the wilderness.

Diamond necklaces from the Cairn collection by Oliver Smith

Aren’ t these Cairn pendants cool? Each is subtle initially glimpse, however the eye enjoys sweeping throughout each piece’s brilliant angles and lines.

As a jewelry designer who has a strong connection to the outdoors, Oliver Smith is devoted to utilizing sustainable sourcing practices when possible. The Cairn collection includes numerous recovered diamonds sourced from existingjewelry Smith gathers and recycles estate jewelry, thoroughly maximizing diamonds of various cuts, shapes, colors, sizes and clearness to set once again in the sensational Cairn pieces.

Beautiful colored sapphire and diamond jewels from the Oliver Smith Prism Collection

The 2nd Oliver Smith collection we’re taking a look at today is likewise motivated by the outdoors, with a nod to the visual of the 1970’s.

This is the PrismCollection As the name recommends, Prism is everything about the magnificence of color. Featuring a riot of elegant natural sapphires and rubies in scintillating colors, the Prism collection’s highly-saturated stones are so beautiful that their beauty practically defies description (although I’m going to provide it my finest shot).

Prism includes earrings and pendants too, however my individual favorites of the collection are the completely curated tennis bracelets. I have a soft area for the one above, with its charming pink, purple, and blue color pattern, however the very best method I can discuss how notable these bracelets are is to reveal you a 360 view of this piece:

Sunset colored sapphire bracelet from the Oliver Smith Prism Collection.

Look at it! Take A Look At it. With its completely matched stones set up in perfect color gradation, this piece is a wearable piece of sundown sky. Look at it radiance! Have you ever seen anything like this? I can’t picture how inexpressibly beautiful it should remain in individual when it captures the light.

BetweenPrism and Cairn, it’s extremely simple to comprehend how Oliver Smith has actually succeeded in the jewelry service for so long. Happy 40 years, Oliver Smith!! Thanks for rocking our worlds with these unbelievable styles.

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Beautiful sapphire and diamond bracelets from the Oliver Smith Prism Collection

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