2020 Fashion Stories We’re Still Talking About

What a year. From the pandemic to the mission for social justice, 2020 was a lot. Now as we prepare yourself to invite 2021, it’s time to recall at all the top 2020 fashion stories that truly left their mark.

The pandemic altered the method publications approached material and covers and required designers to reconsider the standard runway program. Red carpet occasions were canceled or moved online with differing degrees of success. Due to our altering way of living, fashion- forward deal with masks and loungewear ended up being hot products.

TheBlack Lives Matter motion likewise affected the market. It stimulated a numeration in the publishing world and caused more inclusive advertising campaign. At least for the time being.

Other noteworthy headings consist of designers both leaving and signing on to fashion homes, Raf Simons’ very first Prada reveal together with HarryStyles using a Gucci gown on the cover of Vogue And Kamala Harris wowing in suffragette white for her history-making approval speech.

Read on to find the top 10 2020 fashion stories we’re still discussing.