2019: The Year in (Oh,So Many) Celebrity Beauty Launches

In2019, Americans delivered all control to celebs. “Dress me,” we asked, and Rihanna offered us Fenty “Make me smell good,” we required, and MichellePfeiffer, Lionel Richie and J.Lo followed the call. “Wait, would you… register me to vote?” we asked, and ArianaGrande really did it. “Run for president!” we asked Oprah and Kanye and Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson No luck there, which is great, considering that we currently have a truth TELEVISION star for president and it’s truthfully not going excellent for him.

Then there’s beauty– a location of our lives that’s constantly been controlled by celebs, typically through recommendation offers. But “face of” circumstances do not appear to please celebrities any longer. They desire imaginative control, a larger piece of the revenue pie, a platform from which to pivot out of home entertainment. (Remember when VictoriaBeckham was most popular for being a Spice Girl? Me, neither.) They wish to introduce their own beauty brand names.