170+ Black Beauty Editors, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Influencers and More You Should Already Be Following

A look by hairstylist Jawara from Area's Fall 2020 show.

An appearance by hairdresser Jawara from Area’s Fall 2020 program.

As a fashion and beauty publication, the really least we can do is utilize our platform– today and daily– to enhance the voices of the lots of skilled Black individuals who make this market what it is

In addition to continuing to inform their stories separately, we have actually shared a list of Black fashion editors, blog writers, influencers, designers, stylists and designs that we believe need to be on your radar, if they aren’t currently. We’ve likewise assembled a list of 300+ Black- owned and established beauty brand names and 100+ Black- owned fashion brand names to store Now, we’re focusing particularly on creatives in the beauty area, highlighting Black beauty editors and authors, hairdressers, makeup artists, brand name creators, executives, nail artist, influencers, in addition to skin specialists, cosmetic chemists and estheticians doing significant things in the market. Follow them, listen to their stories, enhance them, support their jobs, inform your coworkers and workers about them and employ them, if you can.