14 Struggles Of Being Totally Addicted To Love Island

1. You can blame LoveIsland for the breakdown of your relationship

Even though your fella sits there and provides his viewpoint on EVERY islander in the vacation home ( please shush, Ian Stirling is talking), that will not stop him from opposing when you grab the remote at 8.59 pm every night.

But we understand you like it truly, bae.

2. You’ll discover yourself cancelling strategies to invest a night with your preferred TELEVISION couples

True pals will comprehend.

3. You’re generally tired for the whole time that LoveIsland is on TELEVISION

You definitely CAN’T enter into work the next day without having actually viewed LoveIsland Even if it suggests getting house at midnight and keeping up to see it on catch-up.

4. And you’ll have an illogical hatred for the ITV site

It’s2018 Why does it take so long to submit an episode that’s currently aired?

They put a male on the moon for goodness sake …

5. You’re completely prepared to fall out with your housemates

If she slates LoveIsland ONE MORE TIME …

*Shakes fist *

6. Sunday night is now among our preferred times

These days, we’re entrusted an empty sensation inside on a Saturday night. And it just disappears at 9pm on a Sunday.

7. You were really ANNOYED by the Malin/Terry dramz

We understand it was 2 years earlier. And we understand they have actually both proceeded. But it still harms.

8. You’ll be texting a commentary to your fellow LoveIsland obsessives

You may also simply produce a devoted WhatsApp group and be made with it.

9. You’re M.I.An in between the hours of 9pm and 11 pm

Because clearly you require A MINIMUM OF an hour after the program to debrief with pals and inspect ALL of the islander’s social networks accounts.

10 You erased half of your apps to include the LoveIsland one

Well, who wishes to lose out on all of the included chatter?

11 You feel that if individuals have not become aware of Jon and Hannah from LoveIsland 2015, they’re not REAL fans


12 You’ll desire a LoveIsland water bottle on your own

And you have actually reached to prepare how you might make one from house.

13 If you went to Glastonbury in 2015 …

…Half of you was sorry for purchasing your ticket.

And the other half were continuously on the hunt for all the updates.

14 You’ll evaluate all the beginners as if you IN FACT need to cope with them

Because, truly, we seem like we do …